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ADAC Car Seat Test Results 2018

ADAC Car Seat Test Results Summer 2018

posted in News & Latest Info by Baby & Co on May 30th 2018 3:40 PM

The latest results are in! The most rigorous car seat test in Europe has rounded up all the best car seats on the market this year and put them through their paces with a grueling combination of side, front and rear impact testing at higher speeds and shorter braking distances than standard regulations. ADAC also place equal importance on the service of the seat, ensuring that as well as being safe, it's vital the seat is easy to fit and use. They also ensure that all materials are safe and free from risk of possible harm. 

"Thanks to years of testing, the safety potential of many child seats has continuously improved. The focus now shifts to the handling of child seats, where there is still considerable scope for improvement. ADAC attaches great importance to the fact that CRS are easy to use and the risks of handling errors are kept to a minimum."                                   ADAC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The ADAC Stiftung Warentest Kindersitze test in 3 categories: Safety, Service and Usability. They can recieve a rating from unsatisfactory to very good, from which an overall rating can be given. They then test for potentially harmful materials, which can deem the seat unsatisfactory if found.


Below, we've selected the highest performers from the most recent 2018 testing, from infant carriers, toddler seats to high back boosters, the seats below will offer some of the most advance safety features on the market while remaining simple enough to use correctly. 


 Maxi-Cosi Rock i-Size 

 Maxi-Cosi Rock ADAC Test Results


Kiddy Evo Luna i-Size 2 

Kiddy Evo Luna i-Size 2 ADAC


Britax Romer Dualfix i-Size 

Britax Romer Dualfix i-Size ADAC


Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air

Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air ADAC


BeSafe iZi FlexFix i-Size

BeSafe iZi FlexFix ADAC



We have also written guides of the best performing seats in the last 3 ADAC tests. All of the seats featured are still some of the best selling and safest seats on the market, so be sure to have a read! 

-Autumn 2016 

-Spring 2017

-Autumn 2017


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