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10 Gorgeous and Heartwarming Baby Nursery Ideas

10 Gorgeous and Heartwarming Baby Nursery Ideas

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on May 8th 2019 9:48 AM

Almost 680,000 babies were born in the UK in 2017 alone. If you’re about to welcome your own precious baby into the world, you may be stressed about everything that still needs to get done.

One of the most important parts of preparing for a baby is designing the nursery. Of course, you’ll need it to be functional, but you’ll also want it to look great too. After all, your baby deserves a room that helps them feel happy and comforted.

Luckily, there are plenty of nursery ideas to help you create the perfect room for your new baby boy or girl.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover our top 10 baby nursery ideas.

1. Pick a Theme

Baby decor comes in all shapes, colours, and designs. And they’re all adorable! So, if you start buying whatever you think is cutest for your baby’s nursery, you’ll likely end up with a room that’s overly eclectic.

Instead, identify a theme before you start shopping. This could be ocean, jungle, princess, sports, or even a certain colour that you love. Then, make sure everything you buy follows this theme or colour pallet, so your baby has a cohesive and beautiful nursery.

2. Keep it Simple

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you may feel tempted to go out and by every lamp, wall hanging, and toy that fits within the theme. However, this can leave your nursery feeling cramped and cluttered.

Instead, keep the design simple and include one main focal point. This could be a mural wall, an oversized stuffie in the corner, or a bold nursing chair. The rest of the room should be a good mix of your main colour and a neutral colour.

3. Stay Away from White

White may be your go-to for other rooms in the home, but it should be avoided when it comes to your baby’s nursery.

Let’s face it—babies are messy! The last thing you want is for those pristine white sheets to get stained within a week. Even white cots, nursing chairs, and walls can get dingy and stained rather quickly when a baby is involved. Instead, opt for a neutral colour that can hide stains easier, like tan or light grey.

4. Decorate the Ceiling

If you haven’t found that one perfect focal point yet, consider making it the ceiling. Babies spend a lot of time on their back, so a patterned or mural ceiling gives them something to look at while laying down.

5. Focus on Furniture

The furniture you choose makes a huge difference in the overall look of your baby’s nursery. So, make sure you choose furniture that looks good together and matches the theme of the room.

However, don’t just buy the first furniture set you see. Your baby will be spending a lot of time on these pieces, so they should be sturdy and safe. Of course, you also want the nursing chair to be comfortable enough for you to sit in for long periods of time when you don’t want to get up in fear of waking your baby that you finally rocked to sleep.

6. Get Thick Curtains

Curtains are another key element that sometimes gets overlooked. While you want the colour and print to look good with the theme of the nursery, you’ll also want to make sure they’re thick enough to effectively block out light. Even a little bit of extra light can make it harder for your baby to fall asleep for their afternoon nap.

7. Install a Dimmer Switch

If those curtains do their job right, you should be left with a very dark nursery. Unfortunately, this means it can be hard to see where you’re going, even if you have a night light.

But turning on the lights can make your baby cranky and is sure to wake them up if they were still sleeping. Instead, a dimmer switch is a great way to give yourself a little extra light without disturbing your new baby.

It’s also great for when you’re trying to get your infant to fall asleep. Dimming the lights will allow you to read to them or gently rock them to sleep in a relaxing and sleep-promoting environment.

8. Organisation Is Key

Being a parent is a juggling act. When you have a baby, this means different areas of your nursery need to be organised in such a way that everything you may need is within easy reach.

For example, when it comes time to organise your changing table, make sure you keep clean nappies, wipes, lotions, a toy to keep your baby occupied, and anything else you may need in that immediate area. This may mean hanging shelves or buying a changing table with lots of storage options.

The same thing goes for the nursing chair. You’ll want to place it next to a bookshelf where you can read your baby books, read your own novel if the baby falls asleep on you, and have a convenient place to set an empty bottle down.

9. Have Plenty of Storage Options

It’s no secret that your baby will need plenty of things. But if you don’t have enough storage space to keep it all, you risk tripping over something in the middle of the night.

Built in shelves and toy chests are a great way to keep small things off the floor. You can also organise the closet to include storage bins for extra nappies or miscellaneous baby gear.

10. Include Sentimental Objects

What better way to help your baby feel loved than by including a few sentimental objects in their nursery? This could be your favourite childhood toy or a framed finger painting that your older children made for the new baby.

You can even ask your loved ones to write sentimental notes for your baby in their favourite childhood book. When your baby gets older, they’ll be able to read these and feel even more connected to family members that may have moved or passed away.

Best Nursery Ideas

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery, so you want to make sure you love the design. From picking the right themes and colours to knowing how to organise it, there are plenty of nursery ideas that will leave you with a fun and functional room.

Are you ready to start shopping? Check out our selection of nursery furniture today!


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