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6 Baby Buggy Ideas for New Parents

6 Baby Buggy Ideas for New Parents

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on July 22nd 2019 0:05 PM

From car seats to cot beds to nappies...expecting parents have plenty of things to worry about. And 9 months can go by so fast!

Buying a baby buggy stroller is an especially big decision to make. Why's that?

Firstly, buying a new baby buggy is one of the most expensive purchases you'll make for your bundle of joy. Secondly, you're going to be using it for a long time, so it needs to be durable. And thirdly, you have to make sure it's super safe and well-equipped.

But before you start browsing the stores for a new baby buggy, you need to ask yourself some practical questions. Are you ready? Let's ride!

Practical Questions for the Perfect Pram

According to the Baby Center, you should buy a new baby buggy by the third trimester. So you have at least 7 months to plan before you buy.

Before splashing the cash, you've got to think about which features are a must. Also, which optional extras you would like, but aren't essential. And how it's going to fit into your budget.

Before hitting the shops, here are some practical questions you should ask yourself.

Is It Easy to Fold?

Can you picture yourself holding a baby in one hand and folding up a buggy in the other? Because that's the reality!

Find a baby buggy stroller that you can fold down one-handed without even thinking about it. It also needs to fold up small enough so it fits in the trunk of your car. This is one of the most important features for busy moms and dads.

Is Your Family Growing?

As mentioned, buying a new baby buggy can be quite an expense. But if your family is growing, how can you keep the costs down?

Try opting for a double buggy, even if it's not twins. This will enable you to carry around your older child and your little baby without having to figure out the logistics of handling two buggies at a time.

Are You Sporty?

If you're sporty parents, chances are you'll be heading back out for a run as soon as the stitches have healed. Make sure to choose a jogging stroller that's easy to run with.

Even if you're not a runner, you'll need a sturdy pushchair to maneuver along sidewalks, especially if you live in a metropolitan area.

Are You a Fashionista Sista?

If you're a fashion-addict, there's no shame in finding a new baby buggy that matches your style. Designer buggies will cost more. But you're going to be using it every day for the next few years, so it's worth it.

Just make sure you don't scrimp on practical features just because it looks vogue. Find something that is both equally stylish AND practical.

What About Extra Features?

You might find a gorgeously attractive pram, but is it practical? Is there enough room for some shopping and all the supplies you need for taking care of your baby? You need extra space, such as a basket to carry the extra bits and bobs in.

You also need to make sure there is a rain cover and sunshade available. Or even a cup holder and space for a baby buggy toy. Some pushchairs aren't compatible with these extras.

Great Choices for a New Baby Buggy

Now you've got those basic questions in mind, what's next? Time to take a look at some new baby buggy ideas for your little bundle of joy.

1. Classic Buggy for Baby

Baby pushchairs, buggies, and strollers come in all different shapes and sizes. But the classics follow the basic design of a 4 wheel stroller.

This simple design can recline to a laying position and also a sitting position. They are usually lightweight and are easy to fold up and down. On top of the sturdy frame, the fabrics are well-padded which makes a comfortable ride for your little one.

2. Double Trouble

A double stroller for your two little tots can make all the difference to your journey. The two double stroller options are either side by side seating or a tandem style pushchair. Either way, the seat sizes are spacious and the suspension is usually pretty good.

Some tandem pushchairs are especially for families who don't have twins but have two little ones of different ages. This means the seat units have different weight limits. Some tandem prams can also convert from into a one-seated pushchair too.

3. Three-Wheeled Wonder

3-Wheeler pushchairs are great for moms and dads who need to maneuver their new baby buggy over difficult terrains. For example, heading through the crowds in a busy city or tackling uneven ground in the rural countryside.

Many sporty parents choose a 3-wheel buggy for easy maneuverability when heading out for a run.

4. Travel in Style

In modern parenting, baby travel systems are becoming more popular. Instead of having to buy a car seat and a pushchair separately, buy them in one!

This makes it super easy to transport your little one from home to car to pushchair, without removing them from the seat.

5. Carrycots for a Comfy Ride

Pram chassis and carrycots are a super flexible option. They are lightweight and feel like a comfortable bed for your baby. The cot is detachable from the pram which means you can move your little one without waking them up.

The comfy cot and the parent-facing option makes this a great choice for newborn babies.

6. Vintage Baby Buggy

A vintage baby buggy is the best accessory for a stylish family. The large wheels create a strong all-around suspension and the padded mattress makes it super comfy for your little one. These classy prams usually feature a practical basket underneath to carry supplies and shopping too.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Choosing the perfect baby buggy takes a bit of extra forethought and planning. But once you find the perfect pushchair that matches your lifestyle, you'll be ready for anything.

From pushchairs to furniture to highchairs to toys, there's a lot to think about when you're expecting. Take a look at our shop to explore the best brands for the best baby gear.


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