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A Guide To 3 Wheelers

A Guide To 3 Wheelers

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on August 7th 2014 10:19 AM

3 wheel pushchairs or all terrain prams are becoming more popular and not just with the healthy living parents or out-door types by also with more fashion conscious parents.  When 3 wheelers were first designed they were quite agricultural in style with simple designs and minimal function.  I’m glad to say that those days have long gone and the off road pushchair is packed full of technology, style and function.  We carry a wide range of three wheelers from lots of different brands.

I think it would be worth separating the all terrain pram into a few categories to understand the differences.

·         The True Off-Roader

This product is for the enthusiast, which could include parents that want to jog with their 3 wheeler or parents that live in more rural surrounding or like an out-door lifestyle. 
If you want to be able to jog with your pram then in most cases you will need a fixed front wheel for it to be approved as a jogger.  However in 2014 BOB launched the BOB Revolution Pro which at the time of writing is the only approved jogger with a lockable/swivel wheel.  The BOB also includes a coasting brake, high-tech adjustable suspension and a tracking adjuster for the front wheel to ensure the stroller always pushes straight and true.  I love this product and have one myself so can vouch for its quality.
Other noteworthy brand are Baby Jogger, this U.S brand produces a specific jogger with large spooked wheels and a fixed front wheel.  Which makes it ideal for jogging on promenades.

If you are not interested in jogging with your little one, but do want to enjoy the British countryside then we would suggest looking at Out n About.  This brand has been producing high quality 3 wheelers for years.  Its simple design hasn’t changed too much over the years and provides fault free service.


·         Fully Functional 3 Wheeler

As I mentioned at the beginning of the piece the three wheeler has come on a long way since it was first launched.  Now most brands have a 3 wheeler in their range and some specialise in it.

Some of our favourites include Jane with its Trider.  This three wheeler offers generously sized wheels, adjustable suspension and a hand brake.  Because Jane are a car seat specialist they also offer their own car seat that integrates seamlessly into their chassis as discussed in our blog about travel systems.  Jane also produce a car seat called Matrix, this is an award winning lie flat car seat also attached onto the Jane chassis with its inbuilt pro fittings and can be used as a carrycot as well as a lie flat car seat from birth to 10kgs and rear facing upto 13kgs.  A very versatile system.

Another favourite of the Baby & Co team is the iCandy Peach Jogger.  This fully functional 3 wheeler features a deep carrycot which is suitable for overnight sleeps, a toddler seat that can face towards you or away and a really generous shopping basket.  The iCandy Peach is also travel system compatible with a set of optional adaptors and either the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, Pebble or BeSafe Izi Go.

The fully functional 3 wheeler will cope with bridleways and parks, but if you plan anything more challenging then we would recommend a true off-roader.

For more help deciding please visit our showroom in Bristol for a demonstration of these prams and more.


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