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Cybex SensorSafe Technology

What is Cybex SensorSafe Technology?

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on June 26th 2019 11:35 AM

Cybex SensorSafeCybex SensorSafe Technology

Have you ever experienced the sudden fear of realising your little one has unbuckled themselves from their car seat, or wriggled free from between the harness straps? According to a study conducted by Yale University, more than half of all parents questioned (51%) answered with a resounding and concerning, 'yes'. Kids are little Houdinis, famously known for getting into, and out of, almost anything given half a second, so it's not surprising that over time they're able to learn how to unfasten themselves from their seats. Thankfully, Cybex have come up with a life-saving solution to help put the minds of parents at ease. The new SensorSafe chest clip alerts parents to potential dangers to their little passengers, and can also help with the installation process when first fitting your car seat.


How Does SensorSafe Work?

SensorSafe is quick and easy to set up, even for technophobes. Simply download the SensorSafe app to your phone and pair it to your SensorSafe chest clip using Bluetooth. The app will then send you push notifications if it senses that something is wrong. If possible, mount your phone to your dashboard so you are able to clearly see the notifications without turning away from the road. 


What Does SensorSafe Do?

There are four different things that your SensorSafe clip can detect and alert you to:

  • Harness Alerts - lets parents know if their child has unbuckled themselves from their seat
  • Child Alone Warning - alerts a parent or family member that their child has been left alone in the car
  • Temperature Warning - tells parents if the car has reached dangerously hot or cold temperatures
  • Take a Break - Reminds parents if their child has been in their seat for too long

In addition to these alerts, the SensorSafe app is able to guide you through the installation process with step-by-step instructions and videos.


Harness Alert Cybex SensorSafe Harness Alert

The SensorSafe clip sits at the top of your child's harness straps across their chest, above where the harness fastens just like an ordinary chest clip. This positioning helps prevent your child from sticking their arms through the straps and wriggling their shoulders and upper body free, and will alert you if they do manage it as the clip will come apart. It will also tell you if they have managed to unfasten themselves completely, so you can immediately pull over and clip them back up. This feature is by far the most important, and could save your little one's life if, perish the thought, you find yourself involved in an accident while your baby is unrestrained.


Child Alone WarningCybex SensorSafe Child Alone Warning

Accidentally leaving a child alone in the car is more common than you might think and can happen to the best of us for a number of different reasons. Usually it's not long before we realise our mistake and the kids are fine, but just in case the SensorSafe app will notify you if you leave the proximity of your car while a child is still buckled up inside. If for any reason you don't make it back to your car within 5 minutes, the app will ping off an alert to your chosen emergency contacts, along with a location, to let them know the child is alone in the car. This way, should anything happen that means you aren't able to reach your little one, family and friends will know where to find them and can come to help.


Temperature WarningCybex SensorSafe Temperature Warning

The SensorSafe clip is able to monitor the temperature in the back seat of the car, and will let you know if the temperature gets dangerously high (above 35 degrees Celsius) or particularly low (below 7 degrees Celsius). Just remember that it's not recommended to put your child in their seat with a big coat or jacket on, so if the temperatures are low it's best to allow your car to warm up before you get in, instead of compromising their safety with a puffy coat.


Take a Break WarningCybex SensorSafe Take a Break Warning

It's not recommended to travel for long periods of time with your little one, however sometimes it's unavoidable. For these occasions, the SensorSafe app will let you know when your tot has been strapped into their seat for a prolonged period of time and will remind you to take a break to let them stretch their legs.


Installation GuidesCybex SensorSafe Installation Guide

To provide you with even more peace of mind, the SensorSafe app also has all the information you need when it comes to fitting your car seat, including ISOFIX installation and how to use the LSP (Linear Side-Impact Protection) system, so you can be sure your Cybex or gb seat is fitted correctly and all the safety features are functioning properly. The app will also remind you when it's time to adjust your seat as your little one grows.



Can I use my SensorSafe clip on other car seats?

No, as SensorSafe is only permitted for certain approved seats it's not possible to swap the clip over to another car seat.


Which seats are available with SensorSafe?

  • Cloud Z i-Size
  • Sirona Z i-Size
  • Aton M i-Size
  • Sirona S i-Size
  • Sirona M2 i-Size
  • Vaya i-Size


How many emergency contacts can be stored on the SensorSafe app?

There is no limit to how many emergency contacts you can connect to your SensorSafe app, however your chosen friends and family will need to download the SensorSafe app and accept the invitation to be an emergency contact.


Can I connect more than one SensorSafe clip to my phone?

Yes, you can pair up to 8 SensorSafe clips to one mobile phone, ideal for those of you with more than one little one.


How do I download the SensorSafe app?

You can download the app for free from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.


If you have any further questions regarding SensorSafe, please feel free to email us, call us on 0117 986 8184, or pop in to our store where one of our sales team will be happy to show you how it works.



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