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How to Choose Booster Seats for Toddlers

How to Choose Booster Seats for Growing Toddlers

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on July 22nd 2019 0:00 PM

Over 33% of parents admit to not using the right-sized car seat for their child. Upgrading to the right car seat is essential for protecting your toddler. They also provide extra support for your growing child, based on their age.

Booster seats for toddlers are needed once the child is too big for their forward-facing car seat. Yet, they still need extra support and protection when traveling in a car. 

It's important to choose a car seat that is reliable, safe, and comfortable. So, which style seat is best for your child and when should you make the switch?

Read on to learn how to choose the best booster seat for your growing child. 

Timing Is Everything

It may seem like only yesterday that your child graduated from an infant car seat to a front-facing design. Pretty soon your growing child will be ready for their own booster seat. 

Booster seats work to help lift the child up to use the vehicle's lap and diagonal seat belt. This provides them with extra safety and support. It also gives easier access to the car's shoulder belt. 

To make the switch to a booster seat, it's best to go by the child's weight. 

This will likely happen around the age of 4. Or when the child reaches 18kg to 36kg (or 30 to 40 pounds). An average 4-year-old child will weigh between 12kg to 22kg.  

Besides weight, the child's height will also come into play. So, be sure to check manufacturer guidelines on the style of car seat that you're considering. 

It's important to choose a quality car seat from a well-trusted brand. As the child will potentially use this new car seat until they reach the age of 12 years.   

Consider the Right Style and Fit For Your Child 

Booster seats come in different styles, depending on your budget and desired features. These include backless and high-back toddler booster seat options. There are also models that feature a car seat back that can get removed when needed. 

Backless styles often only get used for short trips and when carpooling. This is due to its lightweight design and low pricing.     

Yet, most parents choose high-back options for added protection. These offer a comfortable design with more support and safety features. These styles also tend to cost more than backless models.  

High-back seats offer more shock absorption and side-impact protection. They also work to support the child's back, spine, and neck.  

They also offer a more comfortable shoulder belt and headrest, with adjustable features. This is to ensure the belt fits the child the right way, protecting them in case of a vehicle accident.     

The biggest change when switching to a booster seat is the way the child gets buckled in. The design involves using a 3-point seat belt, rather than a 5-point harness. 

The placement of the shoulder belt should fall in the middle of the shoulder and neck. It should rest comfortably across the child's chest. 

Read Reviews from Other Parents

From Cybex to Britax, there are endless options when it comes to selecting a kids booster seat. This can make it overwhelming to decide which seat to buy.  

One way to help is to read online product reviews and ratings. You can find these on blogs, online parenting boards, and retail websites.

This offers honest feedback and experience on all different car seat models. You'll learn about their safety, key features, and innovative designs.

You'll also get an idea of how convenient the car seat is to install. As well as how easy it is to clean up after messes.   

You'll also want to research crash test ratings to ensure a safe buy. Check for any product recalls as well. 

From here you can then make a list of the best brands for your budget. It also helps to talk to your paediatrician for more recommendations.  

Compare and Contrast the Best Brands

The best toddler booster seat for your child will get based on price, comfort, extra features, and safety ratings. Kids in this age group tend to grow about 4cm every year.

So, you want a car seat that can keep up with their growth and development. Here are a few of the most popular booster seat for toddler models to choose from.   


Graco is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the baby business. The Graco Logico features a headrest that can get set to 5 different positions.

It also has comfortable and adjustable armrests and moveable cupholders. Graco also meets high safety standards with a moderate price tag. 


Britax remains a quality and well-trusted brand, making it a top choice. The Britax Romer Kid 2 High Back Booster Seat is a parent favourite.

It features soft padding with extra side impact protection. It also has an adjustable headrest and backrest for a perfect fit.

Other popular models include Britax Kidfix 2 and 3. These innovative options will last the child until their no longer need a car seat.  


Maxi-Cosi falls on the higher end of the price spectrum. Their Rodifix Air Protect Booster Seat takes safety and style serious. It features a range of colours and limited edition prints, including a Star Wars theme. 

Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP Fix Carseat is another excellent option. It's lightweight in design and features washable covers. 


Cosatto is another great brand for car seats. The Skippa Fix Carseat converts into a booster seat when the child is old enough. 

They also offer a Zoomi model which features the same convertible design. Both models come in a fun unicorn print that kids love.  

Buying the Right Booster Seats for Toddlers

Your child will begin to need a booster seat around age 4, graduating from the front-facing style. It's a big transition that is both exciting for the child and parents. 

The best booster seats for toddlers offer safety, comfort, and convenient design features. When selecting a car seat, remember to keep your child's age, height, and weight in mind. Every manufacturer is different, so pay attention to their product guidelines.  

Baby & Co features all your favourite and most trusted brands in one place. Browse the full collection of highback booster seats to find the right model for your child. 


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