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How to Pick the Best High Chair for Your Child

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on February 16th 2019 11:55 AM


Get out the wet wipes, this is going to be messy!

Babies can start solid food around five months, maybe four, depending on what the doctor says. If it's time for you and your baby, you'll need the best high chair.

Not only the best highchair you can afford but the best one for your space and your needs.

If you're low on space or don't like the classic highchair models, check below for unique options.

Buy for the Space You Have - Not the Space You Want

While we'd all love to have a huge kitchen, it's not always the case. A classic high chair can take up at least a metre of floor space that could have been used for something else.

If you're working with a room that's low on space, you need to look for a less-traditional high chair. But don't fret, there are tons of options, see what we mean below.

The HippyChick Totseat Travel Highchair

While this high chair is called a "travel" highchair, that doesn't mean you can't use it at home.

If you already have a nice set of chairs you eat off of, why not bring your baby to the table, literally? This innovative design is like a slip you place over the back of the chair.

It straps in place and has a fabric leg-cradle for your child's safety. For the best results, only use this high chair if your baby is already sitting up.

The fabric of the high chair is washable, which is great because things like applesauce get everywhere. It's also a good choice for parents who like to entertain and put baby stuff away when they have guests over.

Finally, as the title suggests, this thing is great to travel with. You can use it at restaurants, friends houses, and anywhere else you go. All you need is a classic chair with a structured back and you're ready to feed.

Get a High Chair that Folds Up

If you don't want your nice dining chairs getting messy with baby food, that's understandable. You can opt for a more traditional high chair, which holds children from six months to three years.

The My Child Pepper Highchair Bobble

Unlike big, hard to move models, this high chair folds up when not in use. It can easily be pressed up against the wall to create more space.

The tray itself even comes off for washing and easy in/out of the unit. It has a footrest for babies bigger babies and to make things more comfortable for toddlers.

You'd be surprised how sturdy and safe it feels when your child is in it, compared to how small it stores. The five-point harness adds to the safety for wiggly babies or the explorative toddler.

You can always take the fabric cover off and wash it when the crumbs build up, too.

The Table-Attached Seat

Another space-saving method is this high chair, which doesn't use up any floor space at all. It's like the bottom half of a push-chair seat, but more structured.

Instead of attaching to a chair, this seat has a set of U-shaped arms that attach to the table.

To use it all you need to do is position the bottom screws so the opening is wide enough to fit over your table edge. Once the chair slides all the way on, tighten the bottom bolts so the tension holds to chair to the table.

Make sure everything is sturdy and then you can slide your baby in. Their legs go through the openings and you can wrap the safety strap around their waist.

Though not as fold-able as the chair-back highchair, this one travels well too. This model folds down and has handles for easy carrying.

You can throw it in a reusable shopping bag along with bottles and jars of baby food, or even in the bottom of your pushchair.

It's a great product for the small investment; it's listed at less than fifty pounds. Seeing as you can use this chair from three months to (a small) three years, it's well worth the cost.

A Tall and Skinny Chair

Three's a trend of convertible high chairs that come in bright colours, from Scandinavia. But they're overpriced and the shipping costs are obnoxious.

Why not keep it cost effective and take a look at this East Coast Contour Multi-Height Highchair? It's the same idea and it's the same width, if not smaller.

You can adjust the chair to grow with your child, all the way until they're big enough to use adult-sized chairs.

When sitting is more natural and safer, you can remove the u-shaped wooden waist constraint. The tray is easy to remove but also comes off for when you're transitioning your child to the table.

These chair types have a large following, and we understand why. It has an "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot.

Order one now and see why it's so popular!

Go Traditional, but Modern

Your child's high chair doesn't have to look like it belongs in a nursery school. There are plenty of well and even chic-ly designed options for the more design-conscious parent.

The Nuna Zaaz chair is a great example. It has a very modern feel and is adjustable, up to four different heights. It'll definitely be a conversation piece since it completely re-imagined what a high chair looks like.

Choosing the Best High Chair

In the end, choosing the best high chair for your space and your child comes down to selection. If you shop somewhere that doesn't offer unique options, you won't be able to find the right fit.

Instead, you need to shop somewhere that prides itself on having the right highchair for every child, budget, and space like Baby&Co.

When it comes to safety, make sure you always place the high chair on a stable, flat surface and use the security straps.

Do that and you'll be both fed and sane at the end of the day.

Didn't like the selections we mapped out? We have more. See our highchair selection here.



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