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Setting Up a Nursery: 7 Design Tips for Girls and Boys

Setting Up a Nursery: 7 Design Tips for Girls and

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on January 14th 2019 0:28 PM

Baby is on the way!

As you count down the days until your wee one is born, you'll be plenty busy preparing for their arrival.

Not only will you need lots of nappies, layettes, and a place to store everything in between. You'll need to create a nurturing and comfortable space for your baby to grow.

Setting up a nursery is one of the most exciting times in early parenthood. Here are 7 nursery design ideas and tips to help you create the perfect space for your baby.

1. Functionality is Key

Once you've decided on a room for the nursery, focus on making the nursery as functional as possible. Make sure you (and baby) will be able to move around without bumping into anything.

How much space do you have to work with? How will you be able to fit the basics, like the cot and the changing table? Is there a wardrobe you'll be able to store your baby's clothes and toys?

You should even plan the layout of the room with the surroundings in mind. Placing the cot near the window may seem picturesque. But if you live on a busy street, this may not be the wisest option.

2. Have a Focal Point

If you're wondering how to design a nursery, choose a central point of the room. It's common for new parents to choose the crib as the focal point of the nursery. But this is not the only option.

You may choose to drive the attention of the nursery on the nursing chair and nightstand. You may be looking to showcase a mural on a large wall, a bookcase, or a window with curtains.

The best memories will happen between you and your baby. But you can make the memories more special with something physical to remember them by.

3. Plan Ahead

The colours and theme you choose can hinge on whether you're having a boy or girl. But even if you plan to wait until they're born, there are things to keep in mind when deciding on a nursery design.

Again, think of the layout while setting up a nursery. Is the nursery big or small, and how much natural light do you have to work with? You can add more space and light by choosing brighter colours and only using dark or bold hues as accents.

If you plan to have more children, you could keep the nursery as is. Or, you may plan to transform the nursery into your baby's permanent room as they grow up.

You may not know what the future has in store for you and your family - and that's okay. For now, focus on making your baby's nursery the best environment possible.

4. Brainstorm Colour & Theme

Now, the fun part! What kind of atmosphere do you want your newborn baby to grow up in?

If you're having a girl, you may want her to feel like she's in a garden surrounded by butterflies. Or, you may be looking to surround your little princess with heaps of pink.

If you're having a boy, maybe he'll grow up in his own football stadium. Or, you may be considering a nautical theme for your little sailor.

Your baby could sleep soundly among the stars in an outer space themed room. Or, your baby could grow up on his or her own safari.

You may even be going a more neutral route with patterned decor, wood furniture, and family photos.

Whatever you've decided, it's time to turn your vision into a reality.

5. Fabric First

Before choosing specific paint colours, shop around for the nursery's fabric. We're talking everything from the curtains to the cot bedding and even the changing pad cover.

Why should you choose fabric before browsing paint colours? It's a lot harder to find fabric that works with colours than the other way around.

Once you've chosen the fabric, choose a primary colour and stick with it. Use it where it works with the light best.

Don't hesitate to take home a sample and try out a couple streaks on the walls before deciding. Avoid paint with VOCs and other harsh chemicals.

You should also choose 1-2 accent colours. You may want to surround the focal point of the nursery around these accents.

Striking the right colour balance is key to creating a well-coordinated nursery. No matter the theme or colour scheme!

6. Fun with Furniture & Decor

Planning the furniture around the layout of the nursery will help you create the most space. Once know what you need and what colours you'll use, you can start to browse for furniture and decor.

What type of cot will your newborn sleep in? Choosing the right cot mattress is important no matter when they'll start sleeping in one.

Will you place a mobile above the cot or changing table? What about wall stickers and decals?

If you're working with a small space, a combined dresser and changing table is a viable option. Think about how you can keep your baby entertained when you change their nappies. Don't forget an odour-resistant rubbish bin!

7. The Little Things

There are some small details to keep in mind while setting up a nursery.

Avoid harsh lamps and overhead lighting. Be sure to include a small night light somewhere in the nursery. While nursing them, it can help to have a soft lamp somewhere within reach of the chair.

Depending on where the windows are, you may want to install thick, black-out curtains. They'll help moderate the nursery's temperature and help your baby sleep sounder.

And, of course, it's never too late to baby-proof the nursery.

Cherish the Experience of Setting up a Nursery

Expecting a baby's arrival can feel surreal for many parents. But nothing makes the arrival of a baby feel more real than creating the nursery.

Setting up a nursery for your baby shouldn't be stressful. Try to enjoy everything from choosing the paint to aligning their stuffed animals. Don't wait until the last minute to start planning.

For more ideas, check out our collection of bedding and nursery essentials!



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