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Twin Pram Guide

A Guide To Twin & Tandem Pushchairs

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on June 22nd 2019 5:04 PM

For parents who are expecting twins or a second child, a twin or tandem stroller seems to be the natural solution for transporting your little tribe. Short of baby-wearing your newborn while pushing your toddler, or using a ride-on board for your older child, there's no real way around the necessity of a double pushchair if you're a parent to two young children. There are a few factors to consider when purchasing your double stroller, such as weight and weight capacity, width, length and whether or not it's suitable from birth to name just a few. Read on to find out the difference between twin and tandem strollers and to see our recommendations for each category.


Twin Pushchairs

Twin or double pushchairs are probably what automatically come to mind when you think of a double. They're your standard side-by-side that have been around for ages and chances are if you have a sibling close in age you even rode in one as a child yourself. Twin pushchairs often feature:

  1. Large under-seat baskets that are easy to access
  2. Seats that can be individually reclined
  3. Wide frame
  4. The option to replace one or both seat units with carrycots or car seats
  5. Better suspension, making them ideal for running

Though substantially wider than a single, double pushchairs are generally designed to fit through the majority of door frames, however if you live in a house with particularly narrow doorways and corridors, or live in the heart of the city and often find yourself squeezed in amongst crowds or navigating old side streets you may struggle with a standard double.

So which twin pushchairs are worth their weight? We've compiled a list of our favourites below:


Out 'n' About

Out 'n' About have a great range of double pushchairs designed to suit every lifestyle. Each stroller is suitable from birth up to approximately 4 years and each brings something different to the table.


Little Nipper Double

The Little Nipper Double is a lightweight, compact version of the standard Double Nipper, with an aluminium frame it weighs in at just 11 kg. The Little Nipper Double is one of the lightest doubles out there, and is perfect for parents who loathe hauling their clunky pushchair in and out of their car boot or on and off of public transport. The Little Nipper Double comes with the option of additional carrycots (sold separately) but is already suitable from birth thanks to the multi-recline backrests which feature complete lie-flat.Out n About Little Nipper Double, Little Nipper, Little Nipper Double


All round suspension provides a super smooth ride for your little ones (and you) whether you're taking on country life or navigating the big city. The stroller also comes with a 5-point safety harness to ensure all passengers are safely strapped in and each seat features an independently extendable sun canopy so there are no tantrums over who's got the most shade. Well... hopefully.


Double Nipper

The Double Nipper pushchair is a super sturdy stroller with a little more bulk than the Little Nipper Double. Geared towards families with a little more room to grow, the Double Nipper comes with the same 5-point safety harness, independently adjustable hoods and lie-flat seats as the Little Nipper, however it also Out n About Double Nipper, Double Nipper, Out n Aboutcomes with independent rear suspension and is a 3-wheeler as opposed to the 4 wheels featured on the Little Nipper Double, allowing for better manoeuvrability.


The Double Nipper also comes with air-filled tyres for a smooth ride even on tough terrain, making it the perfect double stroller for country-dwelling families who are planning on taking on tracks and trails, however at only 72 cm wide it's perfectly capable of traversing the narrow streets of English cities if needed.


One drawback of the Double Nipper is the lack of large under-seat basket, however it does feature a perhaps more secure shopping pouch mounted to the backrest which still has ample room for all your day-to-day essentials.


Nipper Sport Double

The Nipper Sport Double is the perfect double stroller for active parents. One of the only double running buggies on the market, Out 'n' About saw a need and created a solution, building off their years of expertise. With all the same features of the single Nipper Sport, the Nipper Sport Double comes with independent rear suspension and large 16" wheels with pneumatic tyres to ensure the smoothest possible ride for your little ones on your run.Out n About Double Nipper Sport, Double Nipper Sport, Nipper Sport, Double Pushchair


Worried about where you'll put the baby essentials? The Nipper Sport Double comes with two shopping pouches on the back of each seat as well as additional storage pockets, so you can keep your hands free whether you're out for a light jog or spending the day hiking off-road. The handlebar-mounted brake is great for jogging and walking alike, allowing you to control your speed with your hands instead of your feet as you would on a bicycle, allowing you to stop much more quickly than you would with a foot brake.


Baby Jogger

City Mini Double & City Mini Double GT

Baby Jogger is a popular brand among parents for both single and double strollers, with the City Mini range being an ideal choice for active parents who live in an urban environment. For those of you expanding on your brood or expecting twins, Baby Jogger have two double strollers for you to choose from; the City Mini Double and the City Mini Double GT.


  • 75 cm width
  • Independent, near-horizontal recline
  • 5-point harness
  • Easy fold design
  • Individual mesh windows

The City Mini Double GT retails at roughly £200 more than the standard double, so is that extra money really worth it?

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT, Baby Jogger, City Mini Double GT

Unlike the standard double, the City Mini Double GT features an adjustable handlebar that can be altered to suit particularly tall parents, which is a life-saver for those who are tired of kicking the back of their stroller or hunching over for hours on end while out and about.


For those of you who like to take your stroller off-road, the Double GT comes with larger wheels (8.5 inches), which are foam-filled, puncture resistant and come with front suspension to help maintain a smooth ride over all kinds of terrain. The standard City Mini Double comes with plastic wheels and rear-suspension so is typically less equipped for harsh off-road travel, however it's proven to work fine on grass, so whether or not this is worth the extra money depends on how adventurous you're feeling!Baby Jogger City Mini Double, City Mini Double, Baby Jogger Double


The City Mini Double GT has slightly better manoeuvrability and control, in part due to the improved suspension and wheels, and partly because instead of the standard foot break, the Double GT is fitted with a handlebar-mounted brake lever on the side of the handlebar, allowing you to keep control of your speed as you push your toddlers down slopes and hills, which can be a godsend for those who live in the rolling countryside of rural England!


Finally, the seat units of the GT Double provide your little travellers with an extra inch of headroom, plus an extra inch of leg room, which allows particularly lanky little ones to stay comfy for longer. That being said, the Double GT weighs 14.7 kg as opposed to the slightly lighter 12 kg of the standard double, so if you're on the shorter side, looking for something lightweight and are not one for hiking trails, the City Mini Double should suit you just fine.


Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy came into existence as one man's mission to find a stroller that would allow him to roam off into the New Zealand mountains with his new baby, and from there has snowballed into an adventurous brand that produces escapade-proof pushchairs for families looking to tackle the trails or simply take to the streets in style and comfort.


Nano Duo

The Nano Duo is designed for urban adventures, stripped back to provide a lightweight, narrow stroller that can comfortably hold two little ones, with minimum weight and maximum storage all while providing a super compact fold! The two seats are roomy and come with individual adjustable sun canopies that provide plenty of shade on Mountain Buggy Nano Duo, Mountain Buggy Double, Nano Duothose rare sunny days, and the whole stroller folds down with the seat units attached, with a handy carry strap for easy transportation- simply lock into place and you can take your Nano Duo anywhere.


The seat units are suitable from 6 months, however you can make them suitable from birth by purchasing the Mountain Buggy cocoon; a soft shelled carrycot that keeps your newborn safe and comfortable during those early days. You can choose to fit one or two cocoons so the Nano Duo works perfectly with twins or siblings of different ages.


The Nano Duo is a lightweight pushchair, so the under-seat basket isn't huge, but it's more than large enough to carry all your standard baby bits and pieces, and can be easily accessed from all sides.


Duet V3

The Duet V3 is an all-terrain double pushchair that's perfect for families who love nothing more on the weekend than taking to the trails for a hike out in nature. Like the Nano Duo, the Duet V3 can be used with one or two additional carrycots and features a compact fold - it's even the same width as a standard single stroller at just 65 cm!


Unlike the Nano Duo however, the seat units are suitable from birth and come with a lie-flat recline, so there's no need to purchase extra accessories if you want to use this stroller for your newborn. You can even install 2 car seats onto the Duet V3 chassis to turn your stroller into a twin-friendly travel system.Mountain Buggy Duet V3, Mountain Buggy Double, Duet V3


One of the great things about the Duet V3 is its ability to adapt to your changing needs. Although predominantly designed for use as a double, Mountain Buggy know that there will be times when you're just out with one child, and have decided that instead of leaving you to cart around an empty seat, you have the option of replacing it with a clip-on tote bag, providing you with loads of extra storage space for grocery shopping and running errands, even with a toddler in tow!


Similar to the Nipper Sport Double and City Mini Double GT, the Duet V3 is fitted with a handlebar brake lever that allows you to control your speed on steep declines. For those of you with two youngsters and a slightly older sibling, the Duet V3 has the optional extra of a Freerider Stroller Board; like a ride-on board, but able to detach from the pushchair to become an independent scooter! Great for big kids who are old enough to roam freely, but who are still prone to the occasional tired legs.



Aire Twin

One of the lighter double strollers on the market at just 11.8 kg, the Joie Aire Twin is anything but flimsy. Its sturdy aluminium frame can hold two children from birth up to 15 kg, and it comes with a super large under-seat basket for all your shopping and essentials.


Small enough to fit into your boot or on public transport when folded, and with auto-lock to keep it compact once collapsed, the Aire Twin is great for those who live in busy towns or cities, or who regularly travel with their stroller.Joie Aire Twin, Joie Double Pushchair, Aire Twin


The Aire Twin comes with all-wheel suspension to make your life easier and your children's ride smoother, and each seat can be reclined independently of the other, so while one of your little ones dozes off the other can be upright and engaging with the world around them.


The Aire Twin comes with two reversible seat liners that you can mix and match or switch up depending on your mood and your style, allowing you to avoid any disagreement from your tots over who has the "better side".


The roomy seats and padded interior and harness ensure your little ones are comfortable even in the summer months, and UPF50+ sun canopies can be individually adjusted to meet your requirements. If you're looking for a lightweight double at a reasonable price, the Joie Aire Twin is a good place to start.



B-Agile Double

The Britax B-Agile Double is features a super sturdy design, roomy seats and ample leg space. The pushchair can be used straight from birth, so there's no need to purchase any extras for use with your newborn, and it can be used up until your little ones turn approximately 4 years old (15 kg).


As with any double stroller worth its salt, the Britax B-Agile has two independently reclining seats that allow for your tots to nap together or maintain separate schedules, with both seat units featuring a 5-point harness to keep them safely in place whether awake or asleep.Britax B-Agile, B-Agile Double Pushchair, Britax Double Stroller


To allow you a little extra freedom of choice, Britax have fitted the B-Agile Double with Click & Go receivers, which allow you to fit any Britax infant carrier straight onto the chassis without the need for adaptors, so you can use whichever Britax seat takes your fancy without the fuss of ensuring that they're compatible (or the cost of buying the necessary adaptors).


The B-Agile Double also comes with front-wheel suspension for a smooth ride, and lockable front swivel wheels to help manoeuvre the stroller easily through towns, cities and narrow spaces.


Super easy to collapse, the B-Agile folds down in one swift motion and is able to free-stand once collapsed, so it's easy to tuck away at home, in the boot or at your favourite coffee shop or restaurant. Easy peasy!


Tandem Strollers

If you love the hustle and bustle of a big city or couldn't imagine living anywhere but your little cottage, then it's possible that a side-by-side double isn't quite your style. Thankfully, the good people at almost every pushchair manufacturer known to man have realised your unique needs, so they came up with the very clever tandem pushchair - an in-line stroller, if you will. Tandem strollers are great for a number of reasons:

  1. They're very rarely wider than a single
  2. Most allow you to add a 2nd seat when the time is right, and until then it can be used as a single (great for families planning a 2nd but who aren't quite there yet)
  3. There tends to be more configuration options, such as reversible seats for parent/world-facing
  4. Separates siblings who are prone to bickering (i.e. all siblings)
  5. Usually a better base for double travel systems, as there's more space to accommodate 2 carrycots or car seats


This all being said, nothing is 100% perfect 100% of the time. Tandem pushchairs are great for space saving, but being long as opposed to wide can make them a little heavier and mean they're less sturdy off-road, generally better suited to paths and pavements. Also, if you're looking for a tandem for twins, it's worth checking the weight limits of both seats as some companies design their tandem strollers with siblings in mind, meaning one has a lower weight limit than the other.

If you're considering a tandem pushchair, take a look at our recommendations below:



Stadium Duo

The Graco Stadium Duo is a budget-friendly, roomy tandem pushchair that's a great compromise for families looking for the space of a side-by-side double but without the width. The Stadium Duo comes with both seat units included, with one suitable from birth and one from 6 months, and both are able to hold children up to approximately 3 years old.

Graco Stadium Duo, Graco Tandem Pushchair, Stadium Duo Stroller

The Stadium Duo no really a single-to-double tandem, as it's designed to be used solely as a double, so if you're after something more adaptable this may not be the one for you. However, if you travel regularly with two young children and want the luxury of a super-large under-seat basket then the Graco Stadium Duo has you covered. What's more, the rear seat unit is raised in a 'stadium-style' (hence the name), which allows both children to enjoy the view and engage with their environment.


There's no need to purchase additional accessories with the Stadium Duo, so in terms of cost it's one of the most competitive on the market, which makes it great for childminders who are after a budget-friendly double. Both seat units come with snack trays that feature cup holders, and you can turn your Stadium Duo into a travel system with any Graco Click Connect car seats, which don't require any adaptors.


There's multiple recline positions, with the rear seat reclining to a complete lie-flat when necessary, and although the fold isn't the most compact, it collapses as one piece and can be done one-handed; ideal if you're juggling two toddlers.



Evalite Duo

If you like the Graco Stadium Duo, but are looking for something a little more compact, then the Joie Evalite Duo is a great compromise. The Evalite Duo is lightweight at a little over 10 kg, and folds down relatively small for a double stroller, and it can be locked into place for free-standing storage. As with the Stadium Duo, the Evalite Duo can be used up to approximately 3 years (15 kg), except with the Evalite Duo both seats can be used from birth.

 Joie Evalite Duo, Joie Tandem Stroller, Evalite Duo, Evalite Tandem Pushchair

The seat units both come with multi-position reclines, with the rear seat featuring a complete lie-flat that's ideal for newborns or very tired toddlers. The Joie Evalite Duo is fitted with all-wheel suspension to make for a smoother ride, especially when popping up onto curbs and pavements, and the front wheels can be locked into place when necessary.


The Joie Evalite is travel system compatible for those of you that regularly travel by car, and you can use a variety of the Joie infant carriers with this stroller, in particular the Joie Gemm/i-Gemm are recommended as they require no adaptors. Just be aware that only one car seat can be installed in the rear, so this wouldn't be a twin set-up.


The Joie Evalite Duo is definitely more of a city stroller than an all-terrain, so if you're an urban-dwelling parent of two looking for a space-saving double for nipping around town, this pushchair will tick a lot of your boxes.



Double Dot v2

Looking for something even more city-friendly? Then phil&teds have designed something that's just up your street. This single-to-double tandem is just 59 cm wide and weighs only 11.7 kg, so you can pop up and down curbs and in and out of crowds easily.


The Doubt Dot v2 works great as a single or a double, so if you often find yourself out with just one toddler, are planning ahead for the future or are occasionally in charge of a 2nd child, this is the perfect stroller for you. The Double Dot comes with both seat units included, so there's no need to purchase the additional tandem seat, simply pop it on and off as necessary.

phil& teds, phil & teds Double Dot v2, Phil & Ted's Double Dot Tandem Pushchair

The 3-wheel design of the Double Dot v2 is super handy for navigating busy cities, as the front wheel can spin and pivot as needed. If you need to get over grass, just lock it in place and you'll find the Double Dot v2 can handle more than you think. The fancy aerotech puncture-proof tyres ensure you don't get caught out with a flat and give you and your little one(s) a smooth ride day after day.


The Double Dot v2 is compatible with many of phil&teds infant carriers to create a travel system, however unlike previous tandems in this post, adaptors will be required and are sold separately. You may also find that there is limited basket space once the additional seat is installed, as it sits below the standard seat unit.


The phil&teds Double Dot v2 definitely solves a lot of problems often encountered with tandem pushchairs; it's lightweight, folds down small and is slim and agile. It's perfect for families looking to for an adaptable single-to-double that doesn't feel chunky, however if you're looking for something roomy and spacious you may need to bite the bullet and go for something a bit more heavy duty.




The Demi-Grow stroller from Nuna is a stylish stroller with fancy custom duel suspension. The Demi-Grow works perfectly as a single stroller, and can be used with the seat unit or a carrycot, as you would with a normal pushchair. The seat unit is suitable from 6 months, so make sure you pick up the carrycot if you'd like to use it from birth.


The Demi-Grow was designed with style in mind, something that often goes out the window when we think of double pushchairs, so it comes in some really lovely neutral and earthy tones that you'll love if you're into fashion. It's a little more on the pricey side, but it's designed to last for years, with multiple kids, and comes packed with a lot of high-tech features that make your life easier.

The seat unit of the Demi-Grow is an 'all-season' seat, with a mesh back that can be revealed by removing the backrest (no more sweaty toddlers). The seat fitted at the top of the stroller can also be reversed so you can benefit from extended bonding even when used as a tandem.


There's actually 23 possible seating configurations in total, which is a huge amount for a double stroller, and means you're more likely than not to find a set-up that pleases all parties. Additionally, both seats have the same capacity and don't require adaptors so it's all fairly straight forward.


The Demi-Grow is fitted with foam-filled tyres which makes pushing your stroller, with one child or two, so much easier, and teamed with the custom dual suspension means it's comfy for both you and your littles.


The Demi-Grow can be used with some Maxi-Cosi car seats and also the Nuna Pipa to create a travel system, and comes with the adaptors necessary to fit a Pipa.


The only downside is there's not much basket space left once the second seat is installed, but this feels like such a small drawback from an otherwise high-tech, super stylish and roomy tandem.


If you like the look of the Demi-Grow, you may also like the Joolz Geo Earth II.




The Quinny Hubb is brand new for 2019, and is available as a standalone pushchair, with a carrycot for newborns, as a travel system, or as a complete newborn/toddler set. The Quinny Hubb is probably one of the more adaptable tandem pushchairs on the market, with an absolutely huge, easily accessed under-seat basket, as well as the option to add an additional shopping basket or a stylish bamboo toddler board, all while managing to boast a sleek 57 cm in width.


The wheels of the Quinny Hubb are foam-filled and puncture-proof, and many reviewers have commented on how surprisingly easy it is to manoeuvre, even in busy cities. The lockable front swivel wheels make light work of nippy streets and despite being a fairly large tandem, the Hubb is designed to fit compactly into your car boot or home storage space.

Quinny Hubb Tandem Pushchair, Quinny Hubb, Hubb Stroller, Quinny Tandem Pushchair

The Hubb can be used with one or two seats, both of which can be reversed and with the upper seat able to achieve a complete lie-flat position.


It's a little on the weighty side, weighing 13.5 kg with one seat unit attached, so if you're particularly petite you may struggle once you add a second seat plus two kiddies, but if you're feeling strong the Hubb has so much to offer for parents of two.


In addition to having plenty of room for your two littles and all the shopping, the Quinny Hubb is really eye-catching, and comes with plenty of colour choices. You can even purchase additional sun canopies in varying colours in case you feel like mixing it up.


The Hubb can easily hold children up to 4 years old either in the seat or on the toddler board, and its sturdy nature ensures it will see you right the way through from birth to toddlerhood and beyond. It's slightly pricier than some of the other tandems, but it's definitely a worthwhile investment if you feel like splashing out.




The Uppababy Vista combines the single-to-double nature of the Nuna Demi-Grow, with the stadium-style seating of the Graco Stadium Duo and the large, accessible basket of the Quinny Hubb to create the ultimate tandem stroller. Over the years Uppababy have become a big household name in the U.K and the U.S, and is a firm fave amongst celebs (even Reece Witherspoon has been seen out and about with her Vista).


In addition to a great basket, a good view for both kids and the ability to transition back and forth between single and tandem mode, the Vista can happily accommodate a total of three children with the addition of a PiggyBack board for your eldest, making it ideal for long days out.

Uppababy Vista Tandem Pushchair, Uppababy Vista, Uppababy Tandem, Vista Double Stroller

Of course the Uppababy Vista can be used from birth with the addition of a car seat or carrycot, and is able to take on two carrycots or infant carriers if you're blessed with two tinies, all while leaving you with plenty of space and access to your under-seat basket. The seat units themselves are suitable to approximately 3 years.


You can reverse both of the seats on your Vista quickly and easily with minimal fuss, and it comes in a range of colours with leather detailing for all you fashion forward folk.


The only downside is the price. The Vista is one of the more expensive on our list, but not by much. Many of the minor inconveniences of some tandem strollers have been completely side-stepped by Uppababy, so if you can afford to stretch your budget a little bit, you'll find the Vista to be one of the more functional tandems on the market.


Silver Cross


Anyone who knows Silver Cross products knows that they are designed with quality and style in mind, and the Silver Cross Wave is no exception. A household name since 1877, Silver Cross is one of the leading brands in the UK for baby products, so it's no surprise that their take on the tandem is nothing short of beautiful.


Available in lovely ashy tones with gorgeous trim all over, the Wave works great as a simple single pushchair, but also looks right at home as a tandem. Yes, it's a little costly, it is Silver Cross after all, so whether you fancy spending the money is up to you, however for the price you do get 2 carrycots, 2 seat units and all the necessary extras.

Silver Cross Wave Tandem, Silver Cross Wave Double, Silver Cross Wave Twin, Silver Cross Tandem Pushchair

In total the Wave can accommodate up to 16 different configurations, and the carrycot is bamboo lined for extra breathability, plus it's suitable for overnight sleeping (great for nights away from home).


There's 4-way independent suspension that gives you and your babies a super smooth ride, and puncture-proof tyres to ensure nothing stops you in your tracks. 3 recline positions ensure everyone on board is as comfortable as can be and even allows for on-the-go napping after busy days.


The under-seat basket is not as competitive as some of the others on the market, however it's by no means small and is easily accessed even when both seats or carrycots are installed.


The Silver Cross Wave tandem is designed for city streets as opposed to country roads, which is just as well because something this pretty you'll want to show off! 


Things to Consider

  • Budget - Which stroller meets your needs for the best price?
  • Age/weight limit - Which pushchair can accommodate both your little ones comfortably and for the longest time?
  • Weight/size of pushchair - Can you lift, carry and fold this pushchair when necessary?
  • Storage space - Is the basket large enough? Is it easy to access?

With so many variations of double and tandem pushchairs on the market, it can feel daunting when it comes to choosing what's right for you. However, if you're looking for a sturdy, all-terrain double pushchair and you have the room to accommodate a slightly chunkier fold, then a standard side-by-side twin should do you just fine. On the other hand, if you're more at home in the city, have a small car or regularly take public transport, a more compact tandem may be the best way to get around town with your growing family.


To see our complete range of double and tandem pushchairs click here, or for more information on any of our products feel free to send us an email or give us a call on 0117 986 8184.


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