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Affinity 2 Travel System

All you need to know about the Britax Affinity 2

posted in Product Reviews by Baby & Co on September 26th 2016 10:36 AM

Britax designed the Affinity 2 Pushchair to give you, as parents, a new lease of life, something that will see you through the laughter as well as the tantrums. On adventures with your little one, you'll see bright colours and textures – cobbled pathways, lush green fields and city streets awash with colourful, unique people. They say that every day is unique, so why not make your pushchair unique. And colourful. And practical. Something to be proud of. Something to turn heads.

The Britax Affinity 2 Pram has been awarded a 2016 UK Which Best Buy and is customisable right down to the little details, so you can have a pushchair all your own, that's personal to you. Its sleek shape maintains the utmost style and confidence and you have a choice of chassis colours as well as colour packs to ensure that your Affinity really corresponds with your personality.

Trips out with your baby needn't be any hassle. If you're worried about that lunch date with your friends in that tiny little cafe, or having to hop on the bus because your car is in the garage, don't be. You're armed with something created by some of the pioneers of that amazing, very handy, easy one-hand fold technique you’ve seen on the latest review videos and fancy product brochures you torment yourself with. Why not show off the real thing to your fellow mums and dads on the school run – be a pioneer!

You see, when you need to store your Affinity 2 away in said tiny cafe or on that bus, it folds easily into a compact, free-standing, intuitive miniature version of itself and, in case you were scared that it might all go terribly wrong and spring open on you, embarrassing you in public spaces – it has an automatic lock that keeps it securely closed.


Britax Affinty 2 Pram

Not only that, but the Affinity 2 has been built with a lightweight frame for easy manoeuvrability and quick release wheels, easily removed with the flick of a button, that give you an even smaller fold and easy access when you need to clean it. Trust us, you will need to give it a clean every once in a while, especially if you head into the countryside, something the Affinity 2 has been built for. You can tackle the uneven, sometimes rather scarily bumpy, terrain of the country, taking in the views with your baby safely facing out in their reversible seat. Or, you can slalom your way around pedestrians along bustling city streets, almost like a race car but not quite, all with the help of the dual suspension and adjustable handle.

A smooth ride is everything, so your baby will be grateful for that suspension but, when it comes to the Britax Affinity 2's comfort, it doesn’t stop there. The reversible seat enables your little one to face you or the world around them and comes equipped with a multi-position recline and footrest, so they can lay back, put their feet up and relax if they want to. Children can be unpredictable at the best of times, so it’s good to know that you can easily adjust the pushchair to their needs and change of moods, before any tantrums erupt.

Britax Affinity Pushchair

The Affinity 2 stroller is travel system ready, meaning it can take a baby car seat or carrycot, thanks to its integrated Click & Go receivers that are compatibile with all Britax car seats/carriers, transforming it into an Affinity 3 in 1. This enables you to use this pram from birth, with matching colour schemes available, too.

Finally, there are lots of co-ordinating accessories that you can buy for your Britax Affinity 2 travel system, such as footmuffs, colour packs and 

even a change of wheels. But your pushchair comes with a sunhood in your choice of colour, bright or bold, that provides your baby with all important UPF50+ sun protection, as well as ventilation windows that promote fresh air flow and a comfortable environment.

A similar stroller to the Affinity 2 is the Uppababy Cruz, which is considerably lighter in weight and features a unique visor with extra sun protection. Both pushchairs come equipped with reversible seats, are travel system ready and can be navigated through narrow spaces thanks to their slimline, compact designs. However, the Britax Affinity 2 is the only ride that can be customised in style to your own taste and, as Britax strive to bring you the best quality products at the best price, you'll know you're getting something special.

That's why, no matter where you are or what you’re up to, the award winning will be there for you.

Although this is no longer being stocked you can check out some great alternatives here


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