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Nuna Demi Grow Lifestyle Image

Nuna Demi Grow - Ready for Tomorrow

posted in Product Reviews by Baby & Co on December 18th 2018 11:43 AM

The Nuna Demi Grow

Be Ready for Tomorrow

Convertible pushchairs are on the rise, with many brands releasing their own versions of the super convenient single-to-double strollers. Proving to be a popular choice amongst new parents who are planning to expand their family in the near future, the benefits far outweigh the minor drawbacks for those with twins or two children that are close in age. Because of this, many manufacturers are releasing convertible tandem and double pushchairs that provide an alternative solution to getting rid of your single in favour of a double that you're not likely to use at all times.


The particular attraction of a convertible pushchair is that, unlike a double, it can begin life as a single stroller, becoming a double only when you need it to, and converting back to a single again when your eldest decides they would rather walk, or if you are out with just one of your children. Financially, convertible pushchairs are better value for money due to their level of flexibility and ability to adapt and grow with your family's needs, becoming exactly what you need at any given time without having to purchase and find storage space for a separate stroller.


With all the positives to consider, and with the popularity of convertible strollers growing day-by-day, manufacturers are all trying their hand at creating their own version of this pushchair, and the latest brand to join the convertible club is Nuna, who this year introduced their all new Nuna Demi Grow, a convertible tandem pushchair that can accommodate a single child, 2 car seats, 2 carrycots, 2 tandem toddler seats or a mix of two in a total of 23 different configurations for children aged up to approximately 3 years.

Why Choose the Demi Grow?

Multiple Seating Options

Unlike some convertible pushchairs on the market, you can use the Nuna Demi Grow for twins or children of different ages, as opposed to just one or the other, and the 2nd tandem infant seat is exactly the same as the original, so you don't have to worry about one of your kids feeling short-changed. Granted one child will need to ride on the bottom, but users have reported that their toddlers loved riding down low due to the novelty of their new position and the additional privacy of being partially covered by their sibling's seat. If you're concerned about your toddler having limited headroom, Nuna include Risers with the stroller; adaptors which allow you to extend the space between the lower and upper seat, ensuring both passengers have plenty of space. You can also reverse the upper seat to be forward or rearward facing, depending on your child's mood.

 Nuna Demi Grow 23 Configurations

If you're worried about having your little one riding down close to the wheels, Nuna have got you covered. The fenders on the rear wheels of the pushchair prevent little hands from reaching over and touching the tyres when muddy, and especially when in motion, so you can be sure there won't be any trapped fingers or mucky hands to deal with. The fenders also serve as a mudguard, ensuring your ground-level toddler isn't subjected to a torrent of splashback on wetter days.


As we all know, what your child loves one day can be the source of huge contempt the next, so if your toddler decides they hate riding on the bottom, it's super easy to switch the seats around in a matter of minutes, so there's no need for their sporadic tantrums to slow you down. Simply unclick, reconfigure, lock and go. With so many different configurations available, you're bound to find a setup that suits everyone.


Smooth Ride

Despite being larger than the average single pushchair, accommodating up to 100 kg, the Nuna Demi Grow delivers an amazingly smooth ride that's enjoyable for both you and your little passengers. All four of the Nuna Demi Grow's wheels are filled with a highly durable, puncture-proof foam that provides excellent cushioning on multiple terrains, including gravel, grass and bumpy off-road tracks, while never requiring additional inflation.


As well as being foam-filled, the rear-wheels of the Demi Grow are suitably large, making tough terrains super easy to tackle. The front swivel wheels are great for manoeuvrability in tight spaces, and can be easily locked when off-roading for additional stability and control.


Finally, the customised dual suspension helps to cushion every single bump and crevasse throughout the day, so if you're little ones are nodding off you can continue on with your outing without the worry of waking them, whether you're hitting the park, taking on public transport or weaving through the town centre.



Width, Size & Weight

Considering the fact that the Nuna Demi Grow is a double stroller, the frame is actually not much bigger than that of a single, and it maintains the same size whether you're using it as a single or a double; the only thing that changes is the weight. As a single stroller the Demi Grow weighs 12.4 kg, which is obviously pretty heavy if you were looking at it as a single, however you have to consider the fact that this stroller needs to be able to hold the weight of two toddlers, so the majority of this heaviness comes from the super sturdy chassis. Realistically, when it comes to size, weight and manoeuvrability the Nuna Demi Grow beats out the majority of side-by-side doubles every time.


So, you know the size and weight of the Demi Grow, what about the fold? As with most strollers, folding is easier when the seat units are detached, however this is not a necessity with the Demi Grow, it just depends on how much storage space you have. To fold the Demi Grow, simply lift the two toggles on either side of the handlebar and the chassis will collapse. What's great about this pushchair is that once folded it can stand by itself, and features an automatic lock that stops it from opening during transit or storage. Though still pretty large, the Demi Grow is able to fit into most car boots, and comes with a handle to assist with loading, unloading and carrying.


Unbeatable Comfort

When it comes to the comfort of your little ones, the Nuna Demi Grow really delivers. As previously mentioned, the tandem toddler seat that's available for this stroller is identical to the original, so neither child is getting short changed by a smaller, more cramped seat with minimal comfort options, while the Risers ensure both kids have plenty of space as they grow.


The toddler seat unit features a 3 position recline when it's fitted at the top of the stroller, and two positions when fitted at the bottom, so both kids can indulge in some on-the-go naps and you can potentially get some peace and quiet during your shopping trip (potentially). The seats recline with just one hand, as with all good strollers, and also come with adjustable calf support and footrest to adapt to your growing baby and provide extra support when in a reclined position.


Should you find yourself making the most of one of England's rare sunny days, the Nuna Demi Grow is well prepared, providing your little humans with all the shade and ventilation they could ever need. The super generous sun canopy is large enough to completely cover your toddler, and is fitted with ventilation panels for maximum airflow and surveillance. The included dream drape enables them to nap in complete privacy and ensures they are kept well out of the sun's harmful rays.


Now for the best bit. The Nuna Demi Grow is equipped with an all-season seat, meaning the comfortable, softly padded backrest can be totally removed to reveal beneath it a completely mesh back, allowing your little one to feel cool all day long, even when sitting for long periods. This, teamed with the amazing sunshade, means they can be out of the sun while still benefiting from the breeze.


Stylish Appearance

Unlike so many other twin, tandem and double strollers, the Nuna Demi Grow is surprisingly chic, without a trace of the typically bulky two-sibling pushchair appearance. Everything is tied together so well, with each tiny detail thought through to such a point that at a glance you may not even realise the Demi Grow is a double at all. Despite fitting two tandem seats, a seat and a carrycot, a seat and an infant carrier or two of each, the Demi Grow manages to maintain an almost minimalistic feel to it, keeping only what's necessary whilst still providing you with everything you need.



Available in three beautifully neutral tones, including Caviar (black), Frost (cream/silver) and Aspen (royal blue), there's an understated shade to suit every taste, while the material is incredibly soft, padded and superbly comfortable, even down to the padding on the harness straps. The woven fabric gives a classy and elegant feel, with leatherette detailing and piping trim completing the look.


The super large storage basket is a great way to transport all of your little one's essentials, and even features an inside pocket for smaller items. The main drawback of this, and potentially one of the only negatives about this stroller, is that once the lower seat units or carrycots are installed, the under-seat basket is not particularly accessible. However, Nuna also supply a market basket that matches your pushchair and is completely removable from the frame, so if you're traveling with just one little one you can pick the basket up as opposed to bending down to access your things. Alternatively, if you need to fit the second seating unit you can remove the basket with everything inside and carry it with you.


The Verdict

It's rare to find a double pushchair that ticks as many boxes as the Nuna Demi Grow. Able to accommodate twins and different-aged children, fitted with stylish, comfortable fabrics, not to mention one of the most agile double pushchairs on the market, you'd be hard put to find something that can keep up with your family as well as this stroller. If you're a soon-to-be or first-time parent looking to future-proof your family, or you've just found out that you've got not one but two babies on the way, the Nuna Demi Grow is a great stroller to consider if you're looking for something to cover all bases.



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