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Doona Car Seat Rain Cover Clear
Doona Car Seat Rain Cover Clear
Our price £22.99 RRP £29.99
Doona Car Seat Stroller Nitro Black
Doona Car Seat Stroller Nitro Black
Our price £289.00 RRP £329.99
Doona Isofix Base Black
Doona Isofix Base Black
Our price £129.00 RRP £129.99

Beginning from one man's desire to create a safe and simple environment for his daughter, and understanding the importance of protecting his child but finding the day-to-day use of infant car seats and strollers an agonising experience, Simple Parenting was born.

Simple Parenting is a company committed to taking the annoyances and hassles of everyday parenting and improving while simplifying the lives of parents and their babies, by designing and producing clever, innovative products and solutions.

Collaborating with companies such as Cuddleco Ltd, who they established a prolonged collaboration with in 2014, they strive to make an impact on modern day parenting and wish to share this passion with all parents around the globe. Since then, Cuddleco have added the Doona Car Seat to their portfolio.

Simple Parenting say they never compromise on quality and always strive to set the bar higher than official standard safety tests as well as their competitors. When creating, they take into consideration practicality, ease of use and product enjoyment, but put safety, quality and design at the top of their list. They have their own testing facility that conducts extreme and intensive abuse tests on their products, to ensure they meet the highest quality standard.


Doona Car Seat Stroller

After the birth of his daughter, who he and his wife nicknamed Doona, the founder of Simple Parenting came up with the concept of the Doona - a car seat with integrated wheels that can be quickly transformed into a stroller in seconds.

The idea was to enhance the infant car seat into something safe, simple and also practical and the design took inspiration from busy city life, manoeuvring through bustling cities, navigating stairways and hopping on and off of public transport. The idea being that you could easily do all of this with one essential piece of baby equipment.

The Doona Car Seat Stroller is the world's first infant car seat with integrated wheels, it saves room in your car, is quick and easy to use and is ideal for on the go parents. It is a multi-award winning infant car seat and pushchair, that looks super stylish and celebrity Mums and Dads absolutely love it.

Doona Isofix Base

The Doona Isofix Base is the perfect addition to the Doona Car Seat and ensures a secure anchorage and correct installation. With its secure click-in and easy click-out release, it aids in a fast-paced lifestyle, perfect for schedules that you need to keep as a new parent. Colour indicators ensure correct installation every time, ensuring that the car seat will stay securely fastened inside the car even when youre in a hurry. This car seat base meets EU regulations and includes a height-adjustable support leg for extra stability.

Doona Raincover

The creators of the Doona Car Seat Stroller understand that, as a parent on the go, you'll need a quick and easy way to protect your baby from the elements, just as quickly as the weather changes. The Doona Rain cover fits snugly onto your pushchair/ car seat hybrid using the snap on attachments and includes a large zipper opening for easy access as well as ventilation holes that promote fresh airflow to your little one.

Doona Accessories

With any great baby product, there are a whole host of fancy accessories and mod-cons you can buy. Being a parent in the modern world can be tough and, no doubt, stressful, but with accessories like these for your Doona Infant Car Seat / Pushchair, life's a lot simpler. You can find a great range of accessories to go with your clever contraption including an essentials bag, all-day bag, snap-on storage, travel bag, sunshade extension, insect net, vehicle seat protector and wheel covers.

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