Axkid One - Everything You Need To Know

Axkid One - The Safest Car Seat Axkid Ever Built

Introducing Axkid One, the first-ever Extended Rear Facing car seat that can last your child from birth all the way to 7 years old. Described as the safest car seat that Axkid have ever built, Axkid One packs a punch when it comes to child safety. It features an innovative design, including built-in strong and sturdy materials to keep your child comfortable, happy, and secure on every journey. 

Founded in 2009, Axkid have quickly established themselves as one of the leading car seat manufacturers when it comes to child safety. To add to this success, Axkid have now announced the release of their innovative Axkid One ERF i-Size Car Seat. 

Axkid One is the first car seat in the world to be simultaneously i-Size, rear-facing, ISOFIX compatible and suitable for use all the way up to 7 years old (125cm/23kg). Developed over a period of 3 years and tested over 150 times in multiple different testing facilities, Axkid One has been announced as the safest ISOFIX car seat in the world thanks to its ability for extended rear-facing a whole 2 years longer than any other ISOFIX car seats currently available on the market. 

So which features make the Axkid One stand out amongst the crowd? Here are our top features that make the Axkid One unique. 

  1. Extended rear-facing up to 7 years old
  2. Conforms to i-Size regulation
  3. Lightweight
  4. 30-second installation

Read on to discover the functions featured in the Axkid One in more detail and discover how Axkid One compares to other car seats currently on the market.

Axkid One Multi-Award Winning ERF Car Seat

Key Points

Extended Rear Facing up to 7 years old

Axkid One offers i-Size level safety in the rear-facing position from birth using the newborn insert, all the way up to 7 years old. Axkid One can be purchased as a from-birth solution using this newborn insert, or from 6 months without the newborn insert, but both seats offer the impressive extended rear-facing capabilities that will allow your little one to benefit from the highest level of car seat protection currently on the market. 

The Benefits of Extended Rear-Facing Travel 

The safety benefits of extended rear-facing travel have been known for a while now, thanks to extensive research into the subject. Rearward-facing travel has been proven to be up to 5x safer than forward-facing travel, offering heightened protection against serious injury and less risk of neck injury in case of collision.

Axkid One takes these benefits and extends them further, allowing your child to rear-face all the way up to 7 years of age so that they can benefit from heightened levels of security and protection when travelling for much longer than in other rear-facing car seats. 

Extra Leg Room

Axkid One boasts an innovative design featuring a sliding rail system that provides children with plenty of extra legroom to create a spacious and comfortable seat that adapts to suit them as they grow. The sliding rail design means extended rear-facing travel up to 7 is not only achievable but also comfortable.Axkid One Legroom

Axkid One's sliding rails also provides a sturdy handle that children can use to get themselves in and out of the car seat as they get older and become more independent. 


Axkid One offers a strong and sturdy design that is also conveniently super lightweight. Weighing less than 10kg, Axkid One is extremely easy to carry to and from the car and allows older and heavier children to travel rearward all the way up to 6-7 years old.

Axkid One features aluminium and hardened steel to form a lightweight safety frame that will act as a protective cocoon for your child. The seat itself has also been built with shock-absorbing materials to help minimize crash-forces upon impact. 

Sleepwell System

Axkid One comes complete with the Sleepwell System allowing the seat angle to be adjusted all the way to 42 degrees. Not only does this allow for comfortable on-the-go naps for older children, but when used alongside the soft newborn inlay also means that Axkid One Plus allows your infant to travel safely in this car seat from day one. 

30-Second Installation

Axkid One offers quick and secure installation in 30 seconds, thanks to its 6 self-explanatory installation steps. It features a self-tightening anti-rotation bar for added protection and convenience, as well as a built-in audio cue that informs you whether the seat has been installed in the optimal position. 

Combined with the ease of ISOFIX connectors and the lightweight of the car seat, Axkid guarantees that you can install this car seat in less than 30 seconds - easy peasy! 

Key Questions

What is the age suitability of Axkid One?

Axkid One is suitable from 6 months up to 7 years while Axkid One Plus, which includes the newborn insert, is suitable from birth all the way to 7 years too. 

The weight suitability of Axkid One is anything up to 23kg, while the height suitability of Axkid One is 61 - 125cm and the height suitability of Axkid One Plus with the newborn insert is 40 - 125cm. 

When is Axkid One being released in the UK?

You will be able to purchase Axkid One in the UK for pre-order from 25th August 2020. 

Is Axkid One Plus Test Approved?

Axkid One has been Plus Test Approved up to 125cm meaning that it has passed the most stringent safety test currently used for infant car seats. The Plus Test approval means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that Axkid One has been confirmed to meet the highest level of safety standards currently available on the market.

Why do Axkid claim Axkid One is the safest car seat they have ever built?

On top of being Plus Test Approved, Axkid ONE is the only rearward-facing ISOFIX seat on the market approved by the R-129 regulation (i-Size) all the way up to approx. 7 years of age or up to 125 cm/23 kg, meaning that with the Axkid One children can rearward-face for much longer than with any other car seats currently on the market. Rearward-facing travel has been proven to offer up to 5x more protection than forward-facing travel. 

Can you buy Axkid One at any car seat retailer?

Axkid One is exclusive to independents in the UK meaning that you will only be able to pick it up at selected retailers, like us! If this article has got you eager to find out more, you can click here to view our range of Axkid One seats. 

Is it possible to try Axkid One before buying?

Yes! Give us a call on 0117 986 8184, email us or pop in to see us and we'd love to show you how the Axkid One works.