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About Nuna


Nuna Car Seats, Prams, High Chairs & Travel Cots

Nuna are an award-winning brand with Dutch roots that debuted their very first design, a highchair, in Holland in 2007. With a team full of parents who understand, they are creating innovative products, breaking boundaries and changing not only the way babies see the world, but how parents see the world with a new baby. Their aim is to simply solve the everyday problems parents face in a smart, safe, simple and beautiful way and they have a single promise that baby products should take some of the work out of being new parents, so you can enjoy the experience and everything that parenthood has to offer.

To do this, the designers at Nuna have a value of less is best and strive each and every time to provide parents with a range of some of the most elite baby gear on the market, while being mindful of the environment. They streamline products down to the simplest, smartest, sleekish versions of themselves by discarding the bulky unnecessary parts, to provide you with something you'll be proud to have in your home. They say that the more they take out of their products, the more you, as parents, get out of them. Nuna think beyond the baby years, giving you investment pieces so you can focus on your little one and are prepared and ready for when they grow.
Nuna lead the way with stylish and functional travel systems including Demi Grow and their hugly popular Nuna Mixx Travel System

Nuna Rebl i-Size Car Seat

With its innovative 360 rotation to make baby's entry into the car seat and the ability to switch positions easy, the Rebl i-Size exceeds safety standards to provide you with a long-lasting piece that grows with your little one from birth until their 4th birthday (40-105cm). It knows that it is in charge of protecting the most precious piece of cargo in your vehicle and has everything covered in the event of impact - from side impact security and protection, a crumple zone and an integrated rebound bar to minimise rotation.

Nuna Car Seats

Leading the range are the Nuna Rebl Plus and the Nuna Norr, the first "Plus Tested" rotating car seat. Nuna's car seats are designed and created with ultimate security as their key priority, going above and beyond the safety requirements, all the while maintaining style and giving parents practicality and easy access. They worry about this so you don't have to and you can rest assured your little one will be enjoying the comfort and snugness each car seat has to offer.

Nuna Leaf

The designers at Nuna took inspiration from nature itself - a simple leaf floating on a breeze - to create the ingenious Nuna Leaf baby seat. It's been invented, uniquely, from the baby's point of view and designed to soothe them to sleep, keep them moving when they're up and walking or keep them entertained when mum is busy doing mum things. The Leaf's organic, kinetic rocking motion was an industry first, wowing everyone and it has become a simple, safe place to put your little one, almost as cosy, natural and trustworthy as being in mum's arms.

Nuna High Chairs

Nuna want to create high chairs that provide little ones with their very own place at the table, close to their parents and other family members, making mealtimes more fun and stress-free. Therefore, parents don't need to leave the table to tend to their child and the children themselves don't feel distanced from the ones they love. The Nuna Zaaz highchair has a designer-chair look with all the practicality, is easy to clean and evolves as your child grows, so they can sit up at the table and be just like the grown-ups.

Nuna Travel Cots

Nuna believe in creating innovative ways to transport, store, put up and take down their travel cots, in order to make adventures with a little one easier. They do this all the while providing baby with the best comfort and security, a great nap time and a fun playspace. Take for example the Nuna Sena travel cot, with its innovative, first of its kind one-hand fold and zig-zag legs, to help when you have your hands full.