egg2 Pram & Pushchair Guide: Top Features and FAQs

Introducing the brand new stroller from Babystyle, the egg2® - egg® Reborn. In this guide, we'll talk you through all the amazing new features included in this fantastic new edition of the egg pram.

From top features to commonly asked questions, we'll cover everything you need to know about this chic and stylish new pushchair from Babystyle so you can make an informed decision and get the best money can buy.

In the first part of this blog, we will go into detail about our top 12 favourite features of this new addition to the egg range, then answer common FAQs about this new stroller from Babystyle.

If you are in a rush and keen to learn more, then scroll down to the bottom of our Top 12 list to find a quick bullet-point summary of everything mentioned - otherwise read on to discover the wonders of egg2.

egg2 Olive Stroller
egg2 Feather Stroller With Backpack
Egg2 Paprika Stroller




The Power Of Evolution

Designed in Britain, egg2 boasts an inspired luxury design that features soft-touch marl tailoring, smooth curves, infinite lines and superb engineering that ensures an effortlessly smooth ride for your little one.

egg Stroller Parent-Facing Just Black

The egg2 Pram and Pushchair is particularly good for new parents thanks to its easy-to-use design and long-lasting build. 

So without further ado, let's get into what makes the egg2 Stroller the most exciting pushchair released so far in 2021.  

Top 12 Features

1. Compact, freestanding fold

egg2 can be easily folded using just one hand into a compact package that can be stored laying down or freestanding for ultimate flexibility. This one-handed fold allows you to pack the stroller down while still holding your infant with your free hand and is especially useful for parents who have busy on-the-go lives.

egg Stroller Fold

The compact fold will fit neatly into car boots and the free-standing design allows you to travel on buses and trains with ease or simply provides a neat solution to storing your stroller at home without it constantly falling over and getting in the way.

2. Redesigned central hub & chassis

Like its predecessor, egg2 features a chic and durable chassis that allows for easy manoeuvrability through bustling city streets. The brand new egg2 chassis features a redesigned central hub that sports a proud egg® emblem and enhanced function to go with it. The egg2 chassis sits higher at 36cm than the previous egg chassis allowing you to more easily access your little one without putting added strain on your back. The generally taller and longer chassis allows even more space for tandem configurations should you want to use your egg2 in a growing family. 

3. Taller 5-position adjustable handle

The egg2 pram and pushchair now comes with a hugely adjustable handlebar that offers 5 different positions at an even greater range than the previous egg stroller. Stretching all the way from 99cm to 111cm, this tall 5-position handle allows you to ensure comfortable pushing no matter what your height is or who is at the wheel. 

4. Enhanced wheelbase & shopping basket capacity

Another exciting feature new to egg2 is its enhanced wheelbase that has been extended by 6cm to allow for even greater stability on a range of terrains in addition to improving the capacity of the shopping basket. 

egg2 Wheelbase and Shopping Basket

At 21 litres, the egg2 boasts a generous shopping basket capacity that is perfect for storing anything from changing bags and baby essentials to any extra shopping that you pick up along your way. 

5. Unique tyre design

Alongside its extended wheelbase, Babystyle have improved the egg2's handling and manoeuvrability with an improved tyre design. egg2 features larger front and rear wheels than its predecessor allowing it to tackle bumpy terrains easier than before. The egg2 also features a new 3-spoke wheel design with a unique tyre tread pattern so you can always leave your mark. In addition egg2 has been fitted with TruRide Technology meaning a smooth ride and no punctures in addition to quick-release front and rear wheels for comfort and convenience on every adventure. 

6. Larger seat unit with new slider mechanism

The egg2 seat unit has also been redesigned for a longer-lasting use thanks to its larger dimensions that allow your little one to stretch out a bit more in their seat for maximum comfort. egg2 offers 3 recline positions that can easily be adjusted with the use of just one hand. On top of this, the harness can now be adjusted using the new slider mechanism accessed via the rear of the seat and allows for a quick and easy adjustment of both the harness and headrest simultaneously. 

7.  UPF50+ canopy with silent adjustment

Like the rest of the fabric featured on the egg2 stroller, the egg2 seat canopy offers UPF50+ sun protection that helps to keep your little one safe from harmful UV rays in those bright summer months. The UPF50+ seat canopy has been designed with a silent adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the canopy while they are napping without disturbing them. Alongside this, the seat unit canopy features a viewing window that allows you to check for your peace of mind and doubles as ventilation to provide a cooling breeze.

Egg2 Diamond Black Pram Ventilation Panel  egg2 Diamond Black Stroller Ventilation Panel





8. Adjustable calf support and safety harness

The egg2 stroller offers even more comfort and security for your little one in the form of 5-position adjustable calf support. Alongside the larger seat unit, the 5-position calf support provides comfort for longer. The 5-point harness helps to keep children safe in their seat and works with the bumper bar to give them an extra sense of security and comfort. The bumper bar is completely removable and even features a gate-fold function that lets your little one climb easily into and out of the pram once they are old enough.

9. Eight chic colours and styles  

One of the best features of egg2 is its versatile colour and styling options. With a whole new look designed using beautiful marl fabrics and chic glossy chassis', the egg2 Collection comes in 5 stylish colours; Feather, Monument Grey, Olive, Paprika and Quartz. In addition to this, for a little extra you can purchase one of the super chic Special Edition egg2 strollers that comes with their own unique chassis' plus extra accessories and are available in 3 stunning colours; Diamond Black, Just Black and Jurassic Grey. 

10. Tandem configurations 

Another exciting feature of the egg2 stroller is its ability to grow with your family thanks to the taller and longer chassis, using the addition of the egg2 tandem adaptors and sometimes the multi & lower multi car seat adaptors. Using these adaptors, the egg2 can be transformed into any of the available 6 tandem configurations, including; 

  • Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing carrycot
  • Upper parent-facing infant car seat, lower world-facing tandem seat
  • Upper parent-facing carrycot, lower world-facing carrycot
  • Tandem parent-facing infant car seats
  • Upper parent-facing infant car seat, lower world-facing carrycot
  • Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing tandem seat

11. Travel system compatible

In addition to its amazing tandem capabilities, egg2 can also be used as a fully-functional travel system for moving conveniently from car to street without waking your little one from their peaceful sleep. Using the innovative egg Shell infant carrier, multi & lower multi car seat adaptors you can form a travel system in multiple different configurations for ultimate convenience on every journey. The egg2 is also travel system compatible with a range of car seats from popular brands including; 

  • BeSafe iZi Go Modular
  • Cybex Cloud Z*
  • Maxi Cosi CabrioFix
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Plus and Pro
  • Maxi-Cosi Marble*
  • Maxi-Cosi Coral*
  • Maxi-Cosi Tinca

*Not suitable in tandem mode. 

12. Highly accessorisable

egg2 comes with a range of exciting and colour-coordinated accessories that you can purchase either with your stroller in the Luxury Bundle or separately. The egg2 Changing Bag and Mat offers a stylish solution to carrying all your baby essentials, the egg2 Footmuff matches your stroller and keeps your little one warm and cosy in the winter months, while the egg2 Luxury Seat Liner can be purchased in 4 colours and boasts a reversible design perfect for both summer and winter. The egg2 Stroller can also be purchased as the egg2 Pram with the addition of a cosy newborn carrycot ideal for keeping your little one in the optimal lie-flat position from birth. 

Top Features Summary 

  • Compact one-handed, free-standing fold
  • Redesigned central hub with higher chassis
  • Increased shopping basket capacity
  • All-round suspension & Tru Ride Technology tyres
  • Extended wheelbase with larger front & rear wheels
  • New 3-spoke wheel design & unique tyre tread pattern
  • Quick-release front and rear wheels with swivel or fixed front wheels
  • Multiple colour options with UPF50+ fabrics
  • Seat unit canopy ventilation/viewing window & silent adjustment mechanism
  • Larger and higher seat unit with taller 5-position handle
  • Enhanced integrated quick-adjust head and harness system
  • Removable bumper bar with gate-fold function
  • 5-point safety harness & 5-position calf adjustment
  • 3-position one-handed recline
  • 6 tandem configurations with adaptors
  • Highly accessorisable - changing bag, footmuff, luxury seat liner and more
  • Includes insect net and raincover

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What age can egg2 be used from? 

The egg2 stroller is suitable from 6 months when used with the 3-position seat unit, or to use egg2 for your newborn you can use the egg2 carrycot to have an amazing egg2 pram that is suitable from birth. When used as a travel system with the egg Shell infant carrier, egg2 is also suitable from birth. 

Which car seats can be used with the egg2 pram?

The egg2 is travel system compatible with car seats from a range of brands, including but not limited to; 

  • BeSafe iZi Go
  • BeSafe iZi Go Modular
  • Cybex Aton Q
  • Cybex Cloud Q*
  • Cybex Cloud Z*
  • Maxi Cosi CabrioFix
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Plus and Pro
  • Maxi-Cosi Marble*
  • Maxi-Cosi Coral*
  • Maxi-Cosi Tinca
  • Recaro Previa

*Not suitable in tandem mode. 

Be sure to contact us for information on whether your car seat will fit onto the egg2 pushchair and which car seat adaptors you will use to fit your seat onto the chassis. 

Which adaptors do I need for each tandem configuration?

Tandem adaptors; 

  • Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing carrycot
  • Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing tandem seat
  • Upper parent-facing carrycot, lower world-facing carrycot (height adaptors optional) 

Tandem adaptors & Multi car seat adaptors 

  • Upper parent-facing infant car seat, lower world-facing tandem seat
  • Upper parent-facing infant car seat, lower world-facing carrycot

Tandem adaptors, Multi car seat adaptors & Lower multi car seat adaptors

  • Tandem parent-facing infant car seats (see compatibility above)

What comes in the box when you purchase the egg2 stroller?

The egg2 Collection Strollers (Feather, Monument Grey, Olive, Paprika, Quartz) come complete with; Chassis, Seat Unit, Luxury Fleece Seat Unit, Hood, Apron, Raincover, and Insect Net.

The egg2 Special Edition Strollers (Diamond Black, Just Black, Jurassic Grey) come complete with; Chassis, Seat Unit, Carrycot, Luxury Fleece Seat Unit, Coordinating Backpack, Hood, Apron, Raincover, and Insect Net.

egg2 Special Edition Pram Diamond Black
egg2 Special Edition Pram Jurassic Grey
egg2 Special Edition Pram Just Black







That's everything we love about the egg2 Pram and Pushchair, to discover our collection of egg2 prams, pushchairs, travel systems and accessories browse our egg2 Collection

We hope this guide has helped answer any questions you had about this exciting new addition to the egg range from Babystyle. For even more information or the opportunity to take it for a test drive visit us in-store in Keynsham, Bristol, email us at or call us on 0117 986 8184 to speak to one of our highly-trained sales advisors.