Must-Have Products For Making Life With A New Baby Easier & Safer

Must-Have Products For Making Life With A New Baby Easier & Safer

At Baby & Co we know that the health & safety of your little one is your number one priority- that’s why we’ve got you covered with our wide range of products which are designed to make life with a new baby safer and easier, or to prepare you for life with a newborn.


Before your due date, you may be deciding which products you may or may not need and be on the search for products which will make life that little bit easier. With so much information available online and well-intended suggestions from loved ones, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the options. Well, sit back, relax and take a deep breath, because we're here to assist you through this journey using our baby product expertise.

Whether you are a first-time parent to-be or have experience in having a newborn, here are a selection of must-have items which can assist in making life with a new baby significantly easier, safer, and more peaceful.

Sleep Aids

A decent night’s sleep is the holy grail for most parents with new babies. Therefore, any gadget that helps send your little one off to sleep could become your new favourite thing.

Putting it simply, a baby sleep aid is an object that makes it easier for a baby to fall asleep. Sleep Aids are designed to help you and your little one get the sleep you both deserve, allowing new parents to experience the joy of a peaceful bedtime routine- so it is no surprise that there is a huge range of Sleep Aid Toys out there. When your baby is put down to sleep, using a sleep aid will produce ambient light and sound to calm, settle, promote better sleep, and reduce night-time crying.


Here are some things to look for when purchasing a Sleep Aid Toy:


  • Does it have sounds and music?
  • Battery life
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Adjustable volume
  • Stylish design
  • Portability


While some may imitate the noises your newborn experienced whilst they were safe and secure in the womb, others may work to relax the baby's environment and increase the likelihood that they will sleep soundly. In fact, research has shown that music helps to calm babies, resulting in a more peaceful sleep. Some Sleep Aid Toys can sense your baby's cries and switches on to lull them back to calmness with a soothing heartbeat, lullaby, white noise or gentle glow.


With babies under 12 months old, it is recommended to keep their cot clear of toys due to safety factors. Place the Sleep Aid Toy outside of the cot or if you do place the toy inside of the cot, stay with the baby until they are asleep and then remove the Sleep Aid Toy.


At Baby&Co we have a collection of innovative sleep buddies which can be used from birth onwards. With super stylish designs, these products are popular amongst new parents and the fact that many of them can be attached to cot sides, car seats and buggies makes these products even bigger hits! Shop our Sleep Aid collection here.

Bath Safety Products

Bathtime is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your new baby. However, until you get the hang of it, giving a newborn their first few baths can be nerve-wracking (for both of you) -but do not fret because we're here to help you get ready for a successful bath time!

You understandably could want reassurance that your baby is secure and comfortable, therefore you need the bath temperature for your baby to be just right. Whilst your baby is in the bath it is important that they stay warm because a wet baby can get cold fast. It can be difficult to determine by touch whether the temperature of bathwater is safe, therefore it is important to be able to quickly and efficiently identify suitable bathing temperatures for the baby. Johnsons Baby reccomends "your baby's bath should be around 37 and 38C2 – make sure you mix the water well to avoid hot patches. Fill the bath with two to three inches (around 5-7cm) of water – this is usually deep enough for a newborn."


At Baby&Co we sell Bath Thermometers. This convenient little product is a must-have for keeping your baby safe during bath time. Doing it's job with gadget magic, this tool allows your baby to enjoy their time in the bath by bringing attention to the perfect water temperature before and during their time in the tub. The device floats on the water's surface and informs you if the temperature drops below 32°C or rises above 43°C, resulting in a fun and comfortable bath-time.


Another bath-time product for your checklist- a Baby Bath-Tub. Baby Bath-Tubs have become increasingly popular, but selecting the right baby bathtub or bath seat can be difficult for many new or expecting parents.


Benefits of using a Baby Bath-Tub:


  • Can provide completete comfort and support to baby during bath-time
  • Prevents slippage
  • Makes bathing baby a quicker process
  • Parents can avoid the hassle of bending or squatting. This is extremely helpful for mothers who have had a Cesarean section, and will also prevent wasting water.
  • Hygienic- accidents can happen in the bath!


Check out our Bath Safety collection here and have a browse of the Baby Bath-Tubs and Bath Thermometers which are available from Baby&Co.

Baby Monitors

A baby monitor's functionality provides parents with peace of mind about the safety, wellbeing, and health of baby. Baby gadgets to make life easier could become your best friend- so consider adding this one to your checklist!

Baby Monitors are making parenting easier. Heres how:


  • Peace of mind
  • Safety
  • Will not wake baby up by checking on them
  • Less false alarms
  • Assists in training baby to sleep and building a routine
  • Monitor on the go


Instead of lying awake at night wondering if your baby is okay or waking up many times during the night to check, many parents claim that baby monitors provide them with contentment. Baby monitors can be helpful because they include automatic smartphone notifications, temperature sensors, and two-way audio features that can help parents stay connected to their tiny ones, particularly in the early stages of parenting that are full of uncertainties and fears.


With day and night vision, parents can keep an eye on baby at all times with products from our Baby Monitor collection. The use of video enables users to visually see baby at all times via a HD livestream, whilst in a different room or location. With many products within this collection notifying users as soon as there is any movement, sound, temperature, or humidity changes, these practical products are a game-changer for knowing that baby is having a safe sleep and so that parents know they are keeping baby safe at home. To make an informed choice regarding the most suitable baby monitor for you and your baby, it's essential to carefully consider your living and working surroundings. In the case of a spacious home, a baby monitor might be regarded as essential. Conversely, if you frequently find yourself outdoors, like in the garden, there's no need to confine yourself indoors when your baby sleeps; instead, opt for a portable baby monitor designed for outdoor use.

Numerous baby monitors are available, offering a wide array of features for parents to consider. Therefore, the ideal choice largely hinges on your budget and which features you consider essential. If this helpful technology is available to us and within budget, then why not use it? Browse our extensive range of Baby Monitors at Baby&Co here.

Easy View Car Mirrors

Going on a drive with your new baby? With concerns racing through your mind, you might find yourself distracted whilst driving, which could pose risks. Thankfully, the solution is simple: a baby car mirror. Driving with your baby in the car can be a stressful experience, but thanks to the creation of easy to install, baby safe car mirrors it is easy to keep your eyes on the road as well as checking to see that your little passenger is happy and healthy in their rear-facing car seat. This mirror is not essential and there are no requirements to have one fitted into cars, however it is useful to have one. On the topic of requirements- a current legal requirement is for babies to face backwards until they’re 15 months old or 9kg in weight.

A little mirror at the top of the windscreen, adjusted to offer you the best view of your baby in the back seat, is all you need to be able to determine at a glance that they're safe without the need to pull the car over. Turning around to check on the situation over your shoulder whilst driving is risky and dangerous.


Key advantages of installing a car mirror include:


  • Improved monitoring and visibility
  • Driver distraction is reduced
  • Less anxiety
  • Easy to install
  • Entertainment- your little one can also be entertained by your reflection
  • Allows interaction


There are many baby car mirrors available to buy, which can confuse things when you are looking to find the best one for you. Some of these mirrors have features such as lights, music, and colourful designs. For someone who does lots of driving after dark, or if you want to be prepared for darker winter afternoons, you can get mirrors that have a light around them. A high-quality baby car mirror should maintain a stable position around the headrest, regardless of the vehicle's journey over speed bumps, inclines, or winding roads. Whether it's affixed using Velcro, buckles, or straps that require knotting, ensure that the fastenings are adaptable to eliminate any potential for unsteady attachment.


At Baby&Co we have a collection of quality car mirrors and travel accessories waiting for you. So, now that you are familiar with the benefits of a baby car mirror, you might be ready to purchase one. Take your time to compare products carefully to find the best car mirror for your family adventures. Shop our in car accessories here.

When to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy? It's never too early!

Are you wanting to stock up for the due date but hesitant to purchase due to current lack of space, having to manage a budget or just need more time to decide on the nursery room layout? We offer our customers a free of charge Nursery Plan to hold all your baby goods till you are ready to pay and collect. For more information about our free Nursery Plan service click here or visit us in store to chat to one of our friendly team members.


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