Myths About Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats

The Myths About Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats

If you are a new or current parent trying to separate the myths from the facts about extended rear-facing car seats this is the perfect short read.

The Myths About Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats

If you are a new or current parent trying to separate the myths from the facts about extended rear-facing car seats this is the perfect short read.

Myths about Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats

Concerns About Leg Room

Many parents raise concerns over their child's legroom in a rear-facing car seat, fearing discomfort or safety issues. However, children are naturally flexible and can comfortably sit with bent or crossed legs. In the event of a collision, this position ensures their legs are pushed into the seat, reducing injury risks, particularly to their vulnerable neck area. Taking breaks during long trips allows for leg stretching and energy release.

Affordability for Multiple Cars

Equipping multiple vehicles with expensive car seats can strain finances. However, there is a practical solution that allows parents to transfer the same seat between cars with additional tether straps or lower tether anchorage points. This cost-effective and convenient system reduces the costs of multiple seats but also speeds up installtion.

Safety on Short Journeys

Some parents assume that short trips don't necessitate a rear-facing seat, presuming they're safer. However, most accidents occur in urban areas, even at low speeds, making rear-facing seats crucial. They better absorb impact forces, protecting the child's head and neck compared to forward-facing seats, which exert more stress on those areas.

Fitting in Small Cars

Despite common belief, many modern rear-facing seats, are tailored to fit compact vehicles without compromising safety. Many ERF seats can be installed in various positions on the vehicle seat, allowing for a more compact footprint in smaller vehicles or providing extra legroom for larger children.
Engineered for space efficiency, these seats accommodate small cars, such as the VW Golf, comfortably.

Visibility Concerns

Parents may feel uneasy when unable to see their child in a rear-facing seat. Using a baby mirror resolves this issue, enabling parents to monitor their child during the journey, ensuring their comfort and providing peace of mind for the driver.

Dirty Seats from Shoes

Children's shoes can soil car seats, a concern for many parents. Placing a protective cover where the child's feet rest keeps the seat clean and adds a soft layer to prevent indentations, maintaining a tidy car interior and enhancing comfort for the child.

Child's Boredom and Visibility

Contrary to popular belief, rear-facing children enjoy a clear view from their higher position, observing the surroundings through side and rear windows. Removing rear seat headrests can further enhance their view, making the ride more enjoyable, meaning they don’t miss out on anything from being rear-facing.

Rear Impact Safety

While less common than frontal crashes, rear impacts pose significant risks. Rear-facing seats offer advantages by placing the child further from the point of impact, providing a longer crumple zone and distributing impact forces more evenly.

Managing Car Sickness

Car sickness can occur regardless of seat direction due to sensory conflicts in the brain. Maintaining a comfortable temperature, ensuring a clear window view, and avoiding large meals before travel are crucial to alleviate symptoms. Engaging the child with singing or games can be a helpful distraction during the journey.

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