Recall to Repair BeSafe iZi Go X1

BeSafe iZi Go X1 Recall to Repair Reminder

In March 2020 BeSafe issued a recall to repair based on a potential safety issue when using the BeSafe iZi Go X1 in combination with an ISOFIX base. This modified component is only in BeSafe iZi Go X1 seats with serial number from ZG0247548 – ZG(0)270529.
We posted about this Recall to Repair through of Facebook page in March, however we understand that due to the Covid-19 situation, many parents with an affected seat might not have wanted to or been able to visit a shop to get this car seat repaired and might have continued to use the BeSafe iZi Go X1 safely installed with the vehicle seatbelt as the potential safety risk only applies when using it with the ISOFIX base. 
Your baby's health and well-being is our highest priority and so with the easing of lockdown, we would like to encourage any parents who own the BeSafe iZi Go X1 and would still like a repair done to contact us to arrange an in-store repair for their car seat. 

Recall Summary

  • Affects only BeSafe iZi Go X1 with serial number from ZG0247548 to ZG(0)270529
  • Affected seats are to be repaired immediately at selected BeSafe retailers from week commencing 16th March 2020. 
  • The potential safety risk only applies when the BeSafe iZi Go X1 is used in combination with the ISOfix base. The base itself is not affected though. It is safe to use the seat when installed with the vehicle seat belt.
  • This does not affect BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size, BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size, iZi Modular i-Size base or any other BeSafe products.

BeSafe's Reason for Recall Statement Summary

“We are issuing a recall to repair based on a potential safety issue with a component in the seat BeSafe iZi Go X1. The performance of the seat did not meet our standards in our routine testing. This was the case only in the most extreme setting of the several tests we regularly perform. We have not received any reports about incidents or accidents related to this.

The issue is caused by a small tolerance change in a modified component involved in connecting the seat to the ISOfix base. This component was modified late 2017, but regular routine tests conducted after the modification showed no issues, only the most recent test conducted in February 2020 did. We could therefore narrow down the window of affected seats to after the previous test with no issues. However, as our own safety and product quality standards are extremely high, we have chosen to go beyond what is required and to recall all seats that contain the modified component.

Since we have clearly identified the cause of the issue, we have developed a repair solution which eliminates the safety risk. We have thoroughly crash-tested the repair solution to ensure that it makes the seat 100% safe to use.”

What to do if you have this recalled seat 

  • Check if your baby car seat is a BeSafe iZi Go X1 
  • If yes, check the serial number on your seat
  • If your serial number is between ZG0247548 and ZG(0)270529, please contact your nearest selected BeSafe retailer immediately to have the seat repaired. 
  • The repair takes no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Install the seat with the vehicle belt in the meantime
  • If you purchased a new BeSafe iZi Go X1 from 9th March 2020 onwards, please check that it has the "CHECK 2020" sticker next to the serial number label. Then this seat has been repaired and is perfectly safe to use. 

How to find the serial number

  • Turn your BeSafe iZi Go X1 seat upside down.
  • On the bottom side you find a white label saying “Serial no/ID” followed by a number with two letters and 6 or 7 digits. If your serial number has 6 digits, you would just add a 0 in the front to match the 7-digit-format.
  • If your serial number is below ZG0247548 or above ZG(0)270529, your product is not affected and perfectly safe to use.
  • If your serial number is between ZG0247548 and ZG(0)270529 and does NOT have a “CHECK 2020” sticker, your product is affected and must be repaired.
  • If your serial number is between ZG0247548 and ZG(0)270529 and DOES have a “CHECK 2020” sticker, then the seat has already been repaired and is perfectly safe to use.

Locating the Serial Number on the BeSafe iZi Go X1

Where to get your affected seat repaired

Even if you are not using an ISOfix base with your BeSafe iZi Go X1, we kindly ask you to still have your seat repaired. In case you might want to sell it or gift it to someone later on who might use it with an ISOfix base.

You can view a full map of selected BeSafe retailers to find the closest shop doing repairs near you, or contact us online or in-store for more information. 

Read the full recall notice on the BeSafe website here.