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Cybex LEMO High Chairs & Accessories

Cybex LEMO Highchair Storm Grey
Cybex LEMO Highchair Storm Grey
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Cybex LEMO High Chairs & Accessories

Cybex Lemo High Chair

Cybex's Lemo Chair and additional accessories are set to revolutionise the way we see and use high chairs forever. Awarded Red Dot Best of the Best for 2018 in the Product Design category, the Lemo High Chair has the ability to physically grow with your child from birth, through toddlerhood, the teenage years and beyond! Utilising the Cybex D.S.F Innovation Principle which combines unique Design, Safety and intelligent Functionality, the company have branched out from their usual range of car seats, baby carriers and strollers and applied their ethos to the world of interior furniture. Designed with simplicity at its core, Cybex have once again put in the hard work to ensure your parenting journey is that little bit easier.

Assembled in under 3 minutes with the use of just 4 screws and no tools, the Cybex Lemo Chair is arguably one of the easiest high chairs on the market to assemble. Once put together, the Lemo High Chair can take on many forms, all of which snap and click together in no time at all and allow for easy transition between ages, sizes and functions.

The Range

Once you have your Cybex Lemo Chair assembled the real fun begins. Available with multiple accessories in a variety of colours to compliment your style, the Lemo High Chair can adapt to serve all of your family's needs. From birth to 3 years the Lemo Bouncer can be used either alone or in conjunction with the base of your Lemo Chair to provide a great nest for play or sleep, and allows you to bring your baby to the table.

From 6 months to 3 years, the Lemo Baby Set and Tray make it possible to include your little one at the table for family meals, whilst still providing Cybex's trademark safety features with a 5-point harness, raised sides and silicone foot caps to prevent tipping.

And when your family has grown past the point of needing to be clipped into their seats, simply detach the accessories and allow the Lemo Chair to shape-shift to fit each individual user by adjusting the footrest and seat depth or height using only one hand. Designed to always have a place at the table, the Lemo Chair can see your children from birth all the way to their first home!