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Extended Rear Facing Car Seats

Extended Rear Facing Car Seats

Baby & Co are the South West's Extended Rear Facing Car Seat Experts offering the widest range of rear-facing car seats available, including top brands like Axkid, Britax, Besafe, Concord, Cybex & more. Our selection of rear facing car seats includes seats that confirm to the latest regulations (R129), seats that have passed the Swedish Plus Test and car seats that allow you to rear face until 25kgs.

With over 35 years car seat experience and specialising in Extended Rear Facing for over 10 years our team of experts hold a wealth of knowledge to ensure you get the best advice. Our experts are fully trained by the car seat brands, hold IOSH certificates in Child Seat Safety Awareness and have also consulted with a number of local councils on behalf of Good Egg car seat safety.

Baby & Co offer specialist fitting service for all rear facing car seats which is available via appointments, please call us on 0117 986 8184 to arrange a rear facing car seat appointment to discuss your requirements further.


Our Car Seat Fitting Service

As part of our expert fitting service we ensure that not only the ERF car seat you choose is suitable for your vehicle and child, but that you are also fully trained in the correct use of your car seat. Some of the key fitting services we offer free of charge includes:

  • Vehicle approval checks for all seats we recommend
  • In selected cases we can work with you for specific approval with certain car seat brands
  • Advice on the latest car seat regulations
  • Product training
  • Fitting training and free refreshers when required.

Rear Facing Car Seats have become increasing more common among safety conscious parents. Of course the final decision on the choice of car seat for your child will be yours, however we would like to highlight a few points that my help you to make your decision. Although all child car seats in the UK conform to ECE R44.04 or R129 this test does not take into account the forces exerted onto a child's body and in particular to the neck. In a frontal collision the passengers are thrown forward and restrained by seat belts, however the bodies of small children have different proportions. The most relevant is the size of the head to the body which makes up some 25% of the weight of the child. This combined with weak neck muscles and developing spine and vertebrae present a greater risk of serious neck injury.

When a child is using a rear facing car seat during a collision the child is thrown rearwards, back into the seat and the force is distributed through the seat. The vulnerable neck and spine and internal organs are not subjected to the same extreme forces and is therefore safer. In countries that use rear facing car seats, for example Sweden, vehicle fatalities for children under the age of 6 years was ZERO between July 2006 and November 2007. According to the AA's website, 205 children are injured in car crashes in the UK every year and 21 are killed.

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