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Lie Flat Car Seats

Lie Flat Car Seats

With the increase in research relating to the negative effects of extended use of infant carriers and more upright positions in some baby car seats parents have become more aware of the benefits of lie flat car seats.

The major issue with rear facing in a flat or reclined angle is the reduction in the safety/performance compared to a more upright position. This is the challenge for the designers and engineers of infant carriers. Fortunately advances in car seat technology has led to some fantastic options for parents that balances the crash performance with the comfort and requirements of a newborn baby.

So what are the lie flat options?

There are a few options for all with their own benefits and considerations. Like with all products there isn't the perfect option for all parents, but hopefully this little guide will help to clarify your options. Of course you can contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements.

Lie Flat Carrycots

This option has been around for while, but only relativity recently the safety and performance has improved. This option gives a completely flat position and is usually positioned horizontally across the three rear seats. Most will be installed with the vehicle seat belts from positions 2 and 4 or behind the driver and behind the passenger.


Recently there have been a range of lie flat carrycots which offer ISOfix installation. This includes the Jane Matrix Light 2 the new Maxi-Cosi Jade carrycot which works on the updated 3Wayfix Base. The Matrix and Transporter from Jane are both approved to the current R44/04 regulation whereas the new Maxi-Cosi Jade carrycot is approved to the new R129 regulations offering improved side impact protection.

In addition to the lie flat position the benefits of these carrycot/infant carriers is that they can also be used as a carrycot on a compatible chassis. Often parents will need to use a carrycot with their chosen pram so why not one you can use in the car too?

The disadvantages of this type of lie flat car seat are

  • Amount of space it takes up in the car.
    As discussed this will need to sit across the rear of the vehicle, so carrying any other passengers of children in the car will be an issue.
  • Weight.
    These options will be considerably heavier than conventional baby car seats. Particularly as your baby grows and its weight increases. Some parents may find lifting the seat in and out of a vehicle particularly difficult.
  • Limited use.
    Depending on the model you may have a relatively short life span. Some may only be up to 6 to 9 months. Which may mean buying an additional infant carrier for a few months to bridge the gap until the child is ready for his or her next car seat. Its important to check the specification of the seat before purchase.

Lie Flat Rear Facing Car Seat

This is the most popular lie flat option for parents. These offer a more compact footprint in the vehicle allowing for the remaining rear seats to be used. This type of baby car seat was originated by Kiddy with their Evo Luna range. Recently Joie have launched a more affordable optioned called the i-Level.

These seats offer multiple recline positions. When the baby is newborn you can set a reclined position offering the infant the best position to help maintain blood oxygen levels. As the infant's respiratory develops the seat angle can be inclined giving a better crash performance.

The main disadvantage of this type of lie flat car seat is similar to the carrycot option.

  • Amount of space it takes up in the car.
    Although the seat is only sitting in one car seat location the depth of the seat is greater than a regular infant carrier. This could be an issue in smaller vehicles or if parents are taller and require more leg room.
  • Weight.
    Due to the additional recline mechanisms these seats are heavier than standard alternative baby car seats.
  • Isofix installation.
    With some of these lie flat seats to take advantage of the recline position requires an isofix base. So could not be compatible with older vehicles or vehicles with under-floor storage.

Other Lie Flat Options

Many other non-recling infant carriers offer a good reclined position for newborns. Take a look at either the Britax BabySafe i-Size which features an internal recline mechanism or any of the Cybex range that features internal folding fabric cushion which helps reduce the internal angle for the child.

Its also worth pointing our that the angle of the vehicle seat will play an important part in the overall angle of the infant carrier. Even the best infant carriers can be quite upright in the wrong sort of vehicle. Its worth taking a look at your vehicle before baby is born and if possible look to change the vehicle to a more baby car seat friendly car.

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