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Cotbed Mattress Guide

How to Choose the Right Cot-bed Mattress

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on August 3rd 2018 2:36 PM

How to Choose the Right Cot-bed Mattress for Your Baby

Cot-beds are extremely popular for new babies, because they give you longevity, allowing you to transition from a cot to a junior size bed when your child is ready with just a few simple modifications. However, as good as your cot-bed furniture is, you should make sure that you do get the right Cotbed Mattress for your baby.  Of course, one thing’s for sure, if you choose a cheap and uncomfortable mattress your baby might not get a good night’s sleep – as well as baby waking regularly, you don’t want to spend years getting up in the middle of the night trying to cajole your little one back into comfortable slumber. 
Choosing the right type of cot-bed mattress will make all the difference, and with today’s spectacular high-end products there’s a multitude of great features to take on-board. Let Baby & Co take you through what you should look for.

Now, today’s mattresses should be safe and help prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). There are mainly four different types of mattress available for your baby’s cot bed. The reliable mattresses on Baby & Co range from £39.99 to £299.00 and come from reputable manufacturers, so there’s plenty of choice in price and definitely something to suit even the fussiest sleeper! So what should you be aware of when it comes to making your choice?

Generally, there are four types of cot-bed mattresses:

Foam Cot-Bed Mattress

Foam mattresses usually sit at the lower end of the price spectrum and represent a relatively economical buy. They are made out of a single layer of foam approximately 9cm thick which gives your baby a comfortable sleep. Foam mattresses also come with a waterproof cover. You can easily unzip and machine wash (usually at 40 degrees, some up to 60 degrees) so you’re able to keep yours nice and clean. Do wash regularly, to banish allergens and bacteria. The BabyWise Foam cotbed mattress is made out of polyester mesh and PVC so it’s breathable too. This type of mattress is good value; however, if your baby’s room is generally in a warm area of your house, it might not be the best option as the foam tends to reatin heat and may make your baby too hot. Best to keep bed clothes lightweight if you decide to choose a foam mattress.

Sprung Cot-Bed Mattress

Sprung mattresses are made up of lots of coiled springs which fit together vertically inside the mattress. Some are covered with foam, others with felt and then there’s the fabric cover which may or may not have a wipe-clean area. Firmer than foam mattresses, they should provide your baby with good overall support. Our Babywise Sprung Cotbed Mattress is a deluxe style with high tensile coils that are designed to give your baby good comfort along with that support needed. This mattress also boasts a removable, quilted cover that is conveniently washable too so you can keep it nice and clean. It’s wise to choose a reputable manufacturer like BabyWise for sprung mattresses because you don’t want the coils to be felt through the surface of the mattress. We have plenty of other great sprung cotbed mattresses available too, all from premium manufacturers.

Pocket Sprung Cot-Bed Mattresses

Many people don’t realise that these mattresses are different to sprung mattresses.  They are still made with springs, but each spring is enclosed in its own “pocket” of fabric, hence the name. They are generally the most comfortable and supportive types of cot-bed mattresses available and offer superior support for your baby. They also retain their shape, whereas some other mattresses tend to indent with time as your baby puts on weight. Pocket sprung cot-bed mattresses are more expensive than others but The Slumberland Classic Cotbed Mattress is very good value for money for a high quality pocket sprung cot-bed mattress and comes with a 2 year guarantee giving you peace of mind that it’s a good quality product. Its open coil mattress comes with additional anti-allergy technology and its cover is removable so it can easily be removed for washing. It also has a waterproof PVC layer for accidents!  There is a luxury version in the form of the Slumberland Luxury Cotbed Mattress. It’s slightly more expensive than the classic and boasts responsive individual springs, an anti-allergy layer and a removable cover too. With a breathable temperature control layer and a PVC wipeable cover it’s a great all-round product.

Natural Fibres

At the higher end of the market, at £299, there’s the Boori Natural Pocket Sprung Mattress which is made out of natural fibres for supreme comfort. The cover is 100% cotton and it features a double-layer of 1000 baby sized pocket springs and 100% pure British Herdwick sheep padding so your child has the ultimate in comfort.  These natural fibres allow air to circulate so your baby doesn’t perspire; they are also long-lasting and a good investment for a cot-bed especially if you want it to last your child for several years.

Rules & Regulations

Cot bed mattresses (and indeed, all baby mattresses, cot and crib included) must meet the British safety standard BS 1877-10:1997. Needless to say, all the mattresses Baby & Co stock do comply.  It’s important to check this out, especially if you’re buying from a different retailer. 
As another word of advice, don’t re-use a mattress for a second or third baby.  Always buy a brand new mattress along with a waterproof cover.  This will help your baby stay protected against SIDS. We also recommend that you check your cot-bed’s dimensions so you know that the mattress will fit properly. If you would like some more information on making that all-important cot-bed mattress decision, don’t hesitate to contact one of the helpful Baby & Co advisors here.


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