Guide to the BeSafe Flex Fix i-Size

The Innovation of i-Size

The first i-Size regulation High Back Booster has arrived.


Since the regulation first arrived in 2015, seats have slowly been introduced following the new guidelines, introducing seats that give us much safer side impact protection systems, features that are simple to use and easy to install and a switch between height classifications as opposed to weight restrictions.

Until now, it was only infant carriers and combination seats that had passed the rigorous testing of i-Size but In June 2017, the United Nations raised the bar for children’s car safety with the introduction of phase 2 of the UN regulation 129: the UN R 129-02. The second phase of UN R129 (UN R129-02) became active in June 2017 and brings new requirements for high back booster seats.

 "Our society and technology are constantly evolving. Thus, legislations also change in order to ensure safe products based on standards that reflect the latest knowledge and technology. UN R129 is a comprehensive set of child car seat regulations, regulated by the UN. In 2013 the first phase of UN R129 introduced many new aspects for baby and toddler car seats. The first seat to be approved to the new standards is the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size."- BeSafe

So what does the i-Size High Back Booster mean?

What sets it apart from other seats?


KG to CM

Car seats that do not conform to i-Size standards are classified by weight (kg). i-Size seats are instead classified by height (cm). Measuring your child in this way tends to give a more accurate indication of the size of your child and therefore, a better fitting seat.





Side Impact Testing


BeSafe have always included side impact testing as part of their safety processes, but the new UN R 129-02 states it as a necessity. In response, the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size offers 3 layers of side impact protection. The dynamic flex-performance teamed with the SIP bumpers provide extreme protection in the event of a side impact. In addition, the iZi Flex FIX i-Size also features BeSafe’s well proven innovation SIP+ (additional side impact protection). While the seat already passes the demanding approval tests of UN R129-02 without SIP+, this extra safety feature exceeds the regulations, absorbing additional force by deforming like car’s crumple zone and reducing side movement


Improved Crash Testing

i-Size requires a higher level of crash testing by using Crash Test Q-Dummies. These advanced dummies have pressure sensors in their neck, head and abdomen, and give much more accurate data about how the forces are exerted, allowing the seat to be designed to provide protection specifically where it’s needed.


High Back Boosters Only

Since 2016, it has been mandatory for all new booster seats produced to include a back and side wings. Without these, the booster seat offers little protection, particularly in the event of a side collision. The high back also allows for appropriate belt guiding to offer maximum support. The headrest also ensures protection around the most vulnerable part of your child.



No Weight Restriction

The i-Size height classification means that assuming they do not exceed the height limit of the seat (150cm), your child can remain in the seat regardless of their weight, right up to 12 years of age.
The seatbelt with correct installation takes the weight and distributes it evenly across the body, the ISOfix connectors simply hold the seat in place. 







Compact and Flexible

The unique removable side impact bumpers, and slimline design of the seat adheres to the ‘i-Size Booster Seat Category’ by remaining below 44cm in width. This allows you to fit 3 iZi Flex FIX high back boosters along the back seat of an i-Size approved car. The retractable ISOfix connectors can be stowed away in vehicles without ISOfix anchors or used to add stability within your vehicle where anchors are available.


What else has the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX got to offer?

The PAD+ offers additional protection to the seatbelt by increasing the cushioning to the chest and collarbone area. It helps to spread forces evenly and makes the belt more comfortable to wear.

It’s essential that your high back booster seat can grow with your child, given that this seat will be used from 100-150cm! The BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size adjusts simply from each side, even when your child is in their seat. Simply twist the adjustment handles to alter the headrest up to 11 positions. The backrest can be reclined too, so you can make them as comfortable as possible even during naps. The vehicle belt is simple to install thanks to the clear belting guides and new lap belt guider, helping to keep everything in the correct place for optimum safety.


Besafe Flex Fix i-Size Booster seat

The BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size is available to purchase here at Baby & Co

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