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Rotating and Swivel Car Seats Guide

The Best 360 Rotating and Swivel Car Seats

posted in Product Reviews by Baby & Co on September 8th 2017 10:39 AM

The daily struggle. Awkwardly folding yourself into to the back seat of your car to try and lift your ever growing little one into their seat only to then have to hold the position while you continue to fiddle with the buckle for 10 minutes. Well, your back can heave a sigh of relief, as car manufacturers seem to have solved this problem, all while allowing for extended rear facing too!

A number of manufacturers have introduced a 360 degree rotation feature, which allows for extended rear facing, forward facing and (the clever bit) a stop in between, so you can face the seat towards the door. This makes it a whole lot easier to get your little one in and out of the car. These innovative car seats feature mechanisms that make it simple for you to rotate to any position you choose, most of them allow you to spin with just one hand and a simple button or lever motion. 

So with the two most important issues solved, safety and simplicity, how do you choose which of these seats is best for you? We’ve assessed four of the leading swivel car seats to weigh up the pros and cons, so it’s easier for you to make an informed decision. We’ve chosen what we think are the safest seats on the market. They’re all i-size compliant, and offer rear-facing to at least 2 years or more. For a wider choice of swivel car seats visit our dedicated rotating car seat page.

                               360 Rotating Car Seats

Recaro Zero.1 Elite

The Recaro Zero.1 Elite is the only car seat of its kind currently on the market. It features an innovative removable infant carrier that sits inside the larger toddler seat. This not only allows you to remove the seat, perfect for when they’ve nodded off, but also enables you to install the seat while facing the door. This is the only infant carrier that allows for 360 installation, so if you often find yourself struggling to get the seat in and out of the car, this may be the one for you.

The double casing of the infant carrier teamed with the toddler seat also adds an extra element of safety. From 76cm, you can remove the lightweight carrier and use as a toddler seat in a rear facing position right up to 105cm (approx. 4 years). You can also choose to forward face from 15 months. It offers advanced safety features including Side Impact Protection and the Isofix base gives interactive feedback to prevent misuse. The Recaro Hero System keeps the harness open, so buckling up couldn’t be easier. The infant carrier can even be used as part of a travel system with some Recaro Buggies.

While there are an abundance of pros, there are always some cons. The toddler seat and base are reasonably heavy, which when installed is not as issue, but could pose a problem if you plan on switching between two or more cars on a regular basis. It’s also on the higher end of the price scale, but when you consider you are getting an infant carrier and ERF toddler seat, it's probably cheaper than most combined.

Nuna Rebl Plus 

The Nuna Rebl Plus is a compact seat that also offers i-size compatibility and extended rear facing up to 4 years. It offers some of the most advanced safety features and highest quality materials, while remaining one of the comfiest seats for your little one. The frame is made from seriously strong steel and ultra-resilient plastics, combining to create superior protection. The patented tailor tech memory foam headrest and insert teamed with the all over SIP system and energy absorbing foam makes it extremely strong in the event of a side-impact collision. The extendable Isofix leg and rebound bar prevent the seat from tipping forward or back in the event of an accident. It offers 7 recline positions, more than most other seats, and can also be adjusted with one hand when in a rear facing position, perfect if they decide to nap in the car. Simply adjust to the desired height from the passenger seat. The Nuna Rebl Plus also features ventilation panels to promote fresh air flow, and the ergonomic leg rest and highly adjustable head rest ensure your child is getting the appropriate support as they grow, as well as keeping them comfortable in a rear facing position. The Rebl Plus even includes an alternate seat cover in a more breathable fabric, perfect for the summer months. The seat is easy to install thanks to its true lock Isofix technology, which anchors the seat in 7 positions and gives you interactive feedback to ensure it’s installed correctly.

gb Vaya

The gb Vaya is a favourite here at Baby & Co, and fast becoming one of the most popular seats on the market. Its innovative safety features and sleek design make it hard to beat. This i-Size compliant seat can also be rear faced throughout its use up to 105cm, and while it does allow for forward facing the driving direction control technology prevents parents from forward facing their little one until the seat is adjusted to fit a child of 76cm (At least 15 months), so misuse is completely eradicated. As well as Side Impact Protection technology and an energy absorbing shell, it features a pioneering ‘ER-Tech’ System which slides the headrest down in the event of a head on collision, to reduce the force impacted on the head and neck. The deep set design of the seat teamed with the recline functions creates a near-flat lying position, even in a car where the seats are not flat, creating optimum positioning for your baby’s comfort, development and safety. The headrest even adjusts to 12 positions so it can grow precisely with your baby. The integrated Isofix base also includes interactive installation guides and an adjustable stability leg so you can be confident that the seat is stable and correctly installed in the car. It also comes in a range of attractive colours with a style-conscious design. 

Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus

Maxi-Cosi were one of the pioneers of 360 rotating seats, and the Axiss-Fix Plus builds on their original concept with an i-Size, Isofix seat. The Axissfix differs slightly to the other seats in that it is installed with a top tether as opposed to a stability leg. This allows for full floor clearance, ideal for cars with under seat storage or if items need to be placed in the footwell. It offers a high seating position thanks to the padded seat inserts, creating a comfortable, healthy position for newborns. In terms of safety, it also boasts safety features that exceed i-size standards, including energy absorbing materials and state of the art side-impact technology. The AxissFix also boasts a clever A.S.B (Automatic Safety Belt) System to ensure the seat is always attached to the base, even in the event of a collision. While still extended, The Axiss fix only allows for rear facing up to 87cm (approximately 2 years), although more limited, this is still above the legal regulations for forward facing travel.


Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air Safety Features

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air features the most innovative safety feature on the market, not only does it give 360 rotation and Extended Rear Facing, but is the first car seat to feature air bag technology. The harness houses an airbag like cushioning system which is deployed on impact to stop your child's head rotating forward, exerting damaging forces on the neck and head. With the AxissFix Air you know you're getting the safest protection for your child. 


The Britax Romer Dualfix i-Size is the latest Extended Rear Facing favourite to receive an i-Size update, making it even safer, simpler to use and including the all-important full rotation feature. The i-Size seat features a newborn inlay to keep them snug and safe from day one, the 12 recline potions mean you can keep them as comfy as possible too. The adjustable impact shield allows you to create maximum leg room space, so you can rear face them for longer. 


Cybex Sirona S i-Size is the highly anticipated Swivel Car Seat. This i-Size features Cybex's trademark safety systems such as the patented reclining headrest and LSP, all the while remaining sleek, stylish and simple to use. Sirona S i-Size really does tick all the boxes. 


Cybex Cloud Z i-Size and Sirona Z i-Size

The brand new Cybex Z-line are the latest car seats on the market to feature full 360 degree rotation. The Cloud Z is a rear-facing infant carrier seat that's suitable from birth up to approximately 12 months, so while the 360 rotation isn't designed to help the transition to forward facing, it does allow for easy access to both the seat and your baby from outside the vehicle for seamless loading and unloading. The seat can recline to a near-flat position and contains all the usual Cybex safety systems such as L.S.P and an energy absorbing shell. What's more, the Cloud Z is the first rotating infant carrier of its kind. 

The Sirona Z is designed with slightly more longevity in mind, and is suitable from birth up to 4 years. The 360 rotation features means transitioning from rear to forward-facing can happen at the click of a handle, so there's no need to re-install your car seat when the times comes. As with the Cloud Z, The Sirona Z features L.S.P and an energy absorbing shell, as well as E.R Technology that automatically lowers the headrest to reduce impact during a front-on collision, and Direct Driving Control which prevents parents from forward-facing too soon. With easy loading, 5 rear-facing and 3 forward-facing positions and multiple safety features the Sirona Z i-Size is a great choice for any family. 

As with all good swivel car seats, all rotations and adjustments on both the Cloud Z and Sirona Z can be done one-handed. 


To see all of our 360 Rotating Car Seats take a look at our page here

If you want more information on i-Size, Extended Rear Facing, or 360 rotation seats, don't hesitate to contact us in store or online and our friendly team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, like us on Facebook to send us a message and keep up to date with information and promotions.


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