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The ADAC car seat test results for Summer 2019 are here! Known for being the most rigorous car seat test in Europe, far surpassing ordinary EU standards, the ADAC put some of the most popular car seats under the microscope, analysing safety, operation, ergonomics and pollutant content to identify the best seats on the market. The car seats are given a rating from 'Very Good' to 'Deficient' alongside a grade - the lower the number the better the seat performed.

In addition to analysing the car seat's design, structure and materials, the ADAC puts them through intense crash testing made up of front, side and rear impact collisions that feature higher speeds and shorter braking distances than standard European crash testing procedure.

Below is a selection of high-performing seats from the most recent ADAC test, all of which are available at Baby & Co.

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

Rating: Good (1,7)
Suitability: 45 - 87 cm (birth to 12 months approx.)

The Cybex Cloud Z is the latest i-Size infant carrier from the manufacturer, and can be installed using your car’s 3-point seatbelt or using the Base Z. The 360 degree rotation features a stop at the door, eliminating the need to twist your body during loading and unloading. The Cloud Z i-Size features a removable newborn inlay that keeps them held securely in their seat until they’re old enough to ride without it. The harness straps can be adjusted quickly and easily, and the backrest can be altered to a shallower position to provide additional comfort for your baby when used outside of the car. The ADAC crash tests found that there is a very low risk of injury in both side and head-on collisions, and the Cloud Z i-Size scored well in ease of installation with a low risk of incorrect operation. The infant carrier takes up very little space and provides your child with a good view of the outside world. The seat features very low levels of pollutants and good workmanship, with the only drawback being its slightly heavy weight and complex cover removal.

Cybex Sirona Z i-Size with Base Z

Rating: Good (2,1)  
Suitability: 45 - 105 cm (birth to 4 years approx.)

Like the Cloud Z, the Sirona Z i-Size features 360 degree rotation and can be used from birth, however the Sirona Z can only be installed using the ISOFIX Base Z. The car seat shell is made with energy-absorbing material and comes with Side-Impact Protection to help absorb force away from your child in the event of a collision. The Sirona Z can be rear-faced for the entirety of its use, as this is proven to be the safest direction of travel, however you can rotate the seat from 16 months (72 cm). The ADAC crash test results show that the there is a low risk of injury in the event of a frontal crash, and a very low risk of injury during a side-impact collision. The ISOFIX connection to the vehicle was found to be secure, and there is a low chance of incorrect fitting thanks to the installation guides. The ADAC also found that the Sirona Z has a very low pollutant load and comfortable seating positions. The buckling system was found to be a little complex, and the seat is a little large which can obstruct your child’s view to the outside world.

Nuna Norr i-Size

Rating: Good (2,2)  
Suitability: 40 - 105 cm (birth to 4 years approx.)

The Nuna NORR i-Size comes with a base included and is designed for exclusive rear-facing travel only right up to 4 years. The NORR is an ultra-safe seat that has even passed the stringent Swedish Plus Test thanks to its steel reinforced shell, integrated rebound bar and crumple zone positioned within the stability leg. For quick and easy adjustment, the Nuna NORR features a no re-thread harness that can be held out of the way during loading with the harness holders. It’s also an incredibly comfortable seat thanks to memory-foam padding, ventilation panels and 7 recline positions. The ADAC found that using the Nuna NORR resulted in a low risk of injury in both frontal and side-on collisions, with a secure connection to the vehicle using the ISOFIX base. The seat is easy to install with a low risk of incorrect operation, and the easily removed, machine washable covers carry a very low pollutant load. The drawbacks identified by the ADAC were that the seat itself is fairly heavy and quite large, resulting in your child’s view being obstructed.

Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro i-Size with 3WayFix Base

Rating: Good (2,3)
Suitability: 67 - 105 cm (6 months to 4 years approx.)

The Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro i-Size is part of the 3WayFamily, and is designed to be installed using the 3WayFix ISOFIX base. The Pearl Pro i-Size can be used rear-facing throughout the entirety of its use, however you can forward-face from 84 cm if you would prefer. The seat features 4 recline positions, including lie-flat, and has an easy-in harness that stays open for loading and unloading. The simultaneously adjusting harness and headrest makes it easy to alter your Pearl Pro i-Size as your little one grows, without the need for re-threading. The ADAC results showed that the Pearl Pro i-Size had a very firm connection to the vehicle when installed using the 3WayFix base, with a low risk of injury in the event of a frontal collision. The seat was deemed to be quick and easy to install with little chance of user error thanks to the installation guides, and the upholstery was found to carry a very low pollutant load. The buckle of the Pearl Pro i-Size was criticised for being a little complex, and the spacious seat did require more room than other seats, making it less suitable for smaller vehicles.

Britax Advansafix IV R

Rating: Good (2,3)
Suitability: 9 - 36 kg (9 months to 12 years approx.)

The Britax Advansafix IV R is a forward-facing combination car seat that can be used with the 5-point harness up to 15 kg, before switching to a 3-point seatbelt thereafter. The harness simply folds away into the backrest, allowing you to switch back and forth quickly when needed. Up until 15 kg, the Advansafix IV R is installed using the ISOFIX connectors, but can be installed using a 3-point seat belt for children over 15 kg The SecureGuard system holds the lap belt in the optimum position over your child’s hips, helping to minimise the risk of injury on impact. The ADAC found that the Advansafix IV R featured a strong connection to the vehicle when used with the ISOFIX connectors, and had a low risk of injury in the event of a side-on collision. The SecureGuard technology was proven to provide optimal belt course, keeping your little one well protected in the event of an accident, and the seat itself is spacious while taking up minimal room in your vehicle. The ADVANSAFIX IV R was found to have a low pollutant load, however the seat unit is rather heavy and can obstruct your child’s view.  

Britax Kidfix III M

Rating: Good (1,7)  
Suitability: 15 - 36 kg (4 to 12 years approx.)

Like the Advansafix IV R, the Britax Kidfix III M features Side-Impact Protection and SecureGuard technology to protect your child from force and impact in the event of an accident. The seat features a padded, adjustable headrest, 20% larger seat area and a V-shaped backrest which provides plenty of room for growing children while also helping to protect from head to hip in the event of a side-on collision. The Kidfix III M can be installed using your vehicle’s 3-point seat belt or the ISOFIX connectors for additional security. The ADAC results found that there was a very low risk of injury in the event of a side-on collision, and a low risk of injury during a frontal crash, with the SecureGuard system providing optimal belt course. Installation was found to be easy, with minimal risk of incorrect operation and a secure connection to the vehicle. The pollutant load was also shown to be very low and upholstery was deemed good, with good workmanship. The Kidfix III M is quite a large seat and as such it does take up quite a lot of space, which can impair your child’s view to the outside.

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