Egg3 Pram & Pushchair Guide: Top Features and FAQs

Which Base Fits My Maxi-Cosi Car Seat?

We'll take you through a range of the Top New Features and FAQs and comparisons to the Egg3.

Egg3 Pram & Pushchair Guide

We'll take you through a range of the Top New Features and FAQs and comparisons to the Egg3.

Egg3 Pram

Egg3 Pram & Pushchair Guide

We'll take you through a range of the Top New Features and FAQs and comparisons to the Egg3.

Allow us to introduce the latest addition to the Egg family: the Egg3 Stroller. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the exciting new features, accessories, a detailed comparison chart of the Egg2 vs Egg3 and a car seat compatibility guide of this fabulous new edition to the Egg Pram lineup.

From highlighting its standout features to addressing common queries, we've got everything you need to know about this sleek and fashionable new pushchair from Babystyle, ensuring you're well-equipped to make an informed decision and invest in the best.

Join us as we explore the top features of the Egg3 and tackle some frequently asked questions about this newest gem in the Egg Range. Get ready to dive into the world of stylish and functional strollers like never before!


Egg3 prams in Black, Mink and Almond

The Power Of Evolution

Egg3® is a premium stroller model known for its innovative design, high-quality materials, and versatile features. It offers parents a stylish and practical solution for transporting their little ones with ease and comfort. With its sleek appearance and attention to detail, Egg3® has become a popular choice among families seeking both functionality and sophistication in their stroller. The egg3® has taken a significant upgrade from the egg2® model, introducing numerous new features and enhancements.

Explore our comparison chart below to discover what sets the egg3® apart, and delve deeper below for further details on its innovative additions and improvements.


Egg Stroller Comparison Chart

Egg2 vs Egg3 Stroller Comparison Chart

Egg 3 Features

Introducing the new and improved egg model, the Egg3, which brings forth a host of fantastic new features while maintaining the exceptional quality that defines the egg brand. Available in a range of seven different colours, including two special edition options for the 24/25 collection, the Egg3 stroller offers both style and versatility. You can opt to purchase the Egg3 stroller on its own or as part of an Egg3 bundle, allowing you to enjoy savings while getting everything you need for your little one's travels.

Top Features

Egg3 Pram

Extendable Canopy

The egg3® Stroller features an upgraded, extendable canopy, ideal for daytime naps or providing full sun protection for your little one with its 50+ UPF fabrics. Incorporating a ventilation window for optimal airflow, the canopy can be effortlessly closed using magnets sewn into the fabric, ensuring convenience and comfort for your child.

Rocking CarryCot

The egg3® Carrycot offers a serene sanctuary for your baby's first six months, providing a luxurious and secure environment with its lie-flat position. Introducing a sustainable Sorona® mattress crafted from renewable materials, it ensures both comfort and safety for your little one. This mattress is not only washable and breathable but also chemical-free, naturally fire-resistant, and supremely comfortable. Additionally, the new egg3® Carrycot features an extra-large hood with a ventilation window and rocking rails on its base, allowing you to effortlessly soothe your baby to sleep.

Carrycot includes: Rain cover, apron, mattress. Suitable from birth to 9kg (approx. 6 months).


Parents Rocking Baby in Egg3 Carrycot

One-Pull Harness

To simplify parenting, the egg3® comes equipped with a new one-pull harness system. Just clip in your baby and pull the strap to ensure a secure fit every time. With additional features like a removable gated luxury bumper bar and a five-position calf adjustment, your baby is guaranteed to be safe, secure, and comfortable.

Dog/Shopping Basket

Whether it's for tired legs, young or old, the egg® Basket/Pet Basket is the ideal accessory to elevate your dog walks. Designed for dogs (or shopping) up to 15kg, it features a retractable carry handle with three positions, a detachable and retractable canopy, a removable tray for easy cleaning, and an easy-access zipped window at the back.

Egg3 Pet Basket
Egg3 Carrycot Ventilation Window

Ventilation Window

Enhance airflow or maintain visual contact with your little one by simply opening the canopy ventilation window, which conveniently comes with a magnetic cover for easy closure.

3-Position Recline

The egg3® seat offers a three-position recline and can be affixed either parent or world-facing, prioritising comfort for extended periods. With an easily adjustable headrest and harness discreetly accessed from the rear, it's designed to adapt and grow with your baby.

Egg3 3 Positions of Recline
Egg3 Tandem Configurations

Options for Expaning Families

For expanding families or twins, the egg3® offers versatility by transforming for two with the egg2/3 tandem adaptors. Alternatively, for toddlers seeking a bit more independence, consider the new egg® Ride-on-Board with Seat (see below in the New Accessories section of the Blog). Additionally, for families with furry friends, the new egg® Basket/Pet Basket (See Above) allows dogs or shopping items to join the ride.

Transition From Car to Pram

For quick trips, move with ease from your car to the chassis with the egg® Shell Car Seat. Using the egg Multi Car Seat Adaptors, affix your car seat to the chassis and lock in place without waking your little one.

Egg Shell Car Seat on the Egg3 Chassis
Egg3 True-Ride Technoloy
Egg3 One-Hand Fold

Tru-Ride® Technology & Simple Fold

The egg3® leaves its mark wherever it goes, with Tru-Ride® Technology, our PU tyres have been engineered to offer comfort and durability on all terrains. It’s large puncture-free tyres feature a unique egg-shaped tread pattern, with the stroller leaving its mark wherever it goes.

Featuring a ‘one-hand fold’ the egg3® chassis is compact when folded and free-stands, with the handle clear from the ground.

5-Position Handlebar Height

The Egg3 features a convenient five-position handle height adjustment, offering a range from 99 to 111cm. This thoughtful design caters to parents of all heights, ensuring comfortable strolling experiences for everyone. Moreover, the luxurious hand-stitched leatherette handlebar not only enhances comfort but also adds a touch of sophistication to your strolling adventures, guaranteeing a consistently top-notch experience.

New Accessories

Egg3 Stroller Organiser

egg® Stroller Organiser

Available in all egg3® colourways, the stroller organiser is an essential addition to your stroller. Featuring Velcro straps for easy attachment to your handlebar or a shoulder strap for wearing the bag away from the stroller, it offers versatility in use. With dividers inside to customize space and a large zip pocket on the outside, it provides ample storage. Additionally, the rear of the bag features another large pocket, perfect for tucking in the organiser lid when you want the bag to remain open, adding to its convenience.

Compatible with the egg®, egg2®, egg3® and eggZ® Stroller.

egg® Snack Tray

Introducing the egg® Snack Tray, perfect for snacking on the move. Compatible with both the egg2® and egg3® strollers, this tray easily replaces the egg bumper bar and comes with a dishwasher-safe silicone insert for hassle-free cleaning. Complete with a stylish cup holder, it's the ideal accessory for convenient snacking on the go.

Egg3 Snack Tray
Egg3 Carrycot Stand

egg® Carrycot Stand

Introducing the new egg® Carrycot Stand, the perfect companion for your baby's early months. Crafted with both functionality and style in mind, this stand replaces the need for a Moses basket, providing a secure and elevated space for your baby's egg® Carrycot at home or on the go. For optimal airflow, simply remove the carrycot apron and fold down the canopy. Plus, it includes a handy basket and can be folded away in seconds when not in use.

egg® Overnight Bag

Meet your ideal companion for life on the go or as the perfect hospital bag for new parents: the egg® Overnight Bag. This versatile bag seamlessly blends style with functionality, offering a matching changing mat, a detachable leatherette shoulder strap, and ample pockets to store both yours and your baby’s essentials. Available in all matching egg3® colourways, it's the epitome of practicality and sophistication.

Egg overnight bag
Egg3 Backpack

egg3® Backpack

Discover the stylish and practical egg3® Backpack, now available in the exclusive egg3® colourways collection. This updated version boasts all-new egg® zip tags and two discreet front pockets, alongside a spacious main compartment and a premium padded changing mat. With adjustable straps featuring shoulder padding for comfort, plus two additional straps for effortless attachment to your stroller's handle, this backpack is designed with convenience in mind. As a finishing touch, the egg3® Backpack comes with its own dust bag, ensuring it stays in immaculate condition when not in use, just like any luxury designer bag should.

Compatible with the egg®, egg2®, egg3® and eggZ® Stroller.

egg® Handmuffs

Enhance your chilly strolls with the egg Handmuffs, designed to elevate your outdoor experience. Lined with luxurious faux fur, these handmuffs ensure your hands stay cosy while you're out and about with your little one. Attaching seamlessly to either side of the folding/handle extension mechanism with convenient poppers, these must-have accessories are effortlessly removable. Available in all matching egg3® colourways, the handmuffs feature a beautiful fur trim and offer generous space to accommodate your coat comfortably.

Egg Handmuffs

egg3® Colourways

24/25 Collection

24/25 Special Editions

egg3® Car Seat Compatibility Guide

The egg3® effortlessly transitions into a travel system with its versatile multi car seat adaptors. Offering a vast array of car seat compatibility, you're spoilt for choice. Selected car seats seamlessly transfer your baby from car to pushchair, streamlining your journey. With fewer items to carry, parents can embark on their travels with ease, while baby enjoys uninterrupted peaceful sleep.

Egg3 Car Seat Compatibility Infographic



How to recline the egg stroller?

To adjust the recline position, simply lift the latch located at the back of the sun canopy. Then, click it into place to achieve your desired recline position.

How to fold the egg stroller?

It is important to remove the seat unit/carrycot/carseat and any adaptors before folding. The handle must be at the lowest position. Engage the parking brake. ensure the front wheels are unlocked and in the swivel position. Once this is done, fully rotate the central section of the handlebar towards you, the hub locks will release, lower the handle to the floor, lift the carry handle found in the centre of the basket to allow the front of the chassis to move towards the rear of the chassis. All of this can be done with one hand.

How to adjust egg stroller straps?

To adjust the strap position, start by inserting your hand under the seat back cover to access the buckle located on the back of the seat back. Thread the buckle from the seat back through to the front, then reposition the strap to your desired setting. Finally, replace the seat back cover by reversing the removal procedure.

What is the difference between the egg3 and the Oyster 3 pram?

Both egg® and Oyster are brands of the company Babystyle however, the Egg 3 consistently excelled over the Oyster 3 across various categories, notably in design and build quality, comfort and usability, as well as versatility and adaptability. It boasts a luxurious finish, a spacious seat, tandem capabilities, and exceptional handling across diverse terrains, making it a preferred choice for discerning parents seeking superior performance and style.

What age does the egg pram go upto?

The egg3 stroller is designed to be suitable from 6 months when used with the 3-position seat unit. However, for newborns, you have the option to use the egg3 carrycot, creating an exceptional egg3 pram suitable from birth. Additionally, when utilized as a travel system with the egg Shell infant carrier, the egg3 stroller is also suitable from birth, offering versatility and convenience for parents with newborns. The seat of the egg3 stroller is suitable for a child weighing up to 20 kg, or approximately 4 years of age, ensuring long-lasting usability as your little one grows.

Which adaptors do I need for each tandem configuration?

Tandem Adaptors:

  • Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing carrycot
  • Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing tandem seat
  • Upper parent-facing carrycot, lower world-facing carrycot (height adaptors optional)

Tandem adaptors & Multi car seat adaptors:

  • Upper parent-facing infant car seat, lower world-facing tandem seat
  • Upper parent-facing infant car seat, lower world-facing carrycot

Tandem adaptors, Multi car seat adaptors & Lower multi car seat adaptors:

  • Tandem parent-facing infant car seats (see compatibility above)


That's everything we love about the egg2 Pram and Pushchair, to discover our collection of egg3 prams, pushchairs, travel systems and accessories browse our egg3 Collection 

We hope this guide has helped answer any questions you had about this exciting new addition to the egg range from Babystyle. For even more information or the opportunity to take it for a test drive visit us in-store in Keynsham, Bristol, email us at or call us on 0117 986 8184 to speak to one of our highly-trained sales advisors.


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