Find out about the Cybex e-Priam


Introducing the Cybex e-Priam!

The future of pushchair technology is here, and it may come as no surprise that the revolutionary next step in e-strollers comes from none other than iconic pushchair and car seat manufacturer, Cybex. This isn't the first stroller on the market to feature an electric motor, as some brands in the past have adopted automatic electric folds and motors that power their pushchairs, however Cybex have done something a little different with the new e-Priam. The motor in this stroller is activated by sensors in the handlebars that detect excess pushing or pulling, and will only kick in as and when it's needed to provide a natural boost that doesn't feel over the top.

Embodying all the same features as the regular Priam pushchair, the Cybex e-Priam is non-intrusive with its new functionality, providing subtle assistance as you ascend and descend hills and slopes, or take on terrain historically inaccessible for pushchair users. The motor is quiet, so as not to disturb your little one, and can be charged in as little as 6 hours.

For all intents and purposes, the Cybex e-Priam is just an ordinary pushchair, looking almost indistinguishable from its non-electric counterpart and featuring the same stylish chassis and seat linings that have proved so popular in the past. This is precisely what makes it so wonderful. It's not a bulky, obviously-electric-looking pushchair, but just another stylish stroller that looks great when out and about while offering light assistance when needed. The electric function isn't some gimmick carelessly put together to create a hype and draw in customers, it's understated and, more importantly, incredibly useful.

Think about how many people could benefit from this new feature. Mothers who are still in the early days of postpartum, perhaps who are still recovering from a c-section or weak pelvic-floor and desperately need that little boost when struggling to push their newborn, plus all their essentials, uphill. Grandparents who are keen to spend time with their grandchildren, but perhaps don't have the energy they once did. Parents whose toddlers categorically refuse to walk up the hill despite the fact they weigh 15 kg and their mum or dad has an entire week's worth of shopping wrapped around their body.

Parenting can be tough! So Cybex have created this little electric motor to help take the load off of hard-working, sleep-deprived parents right when you need it, giving you one less obstacle to worry about as you get on with your day.


Uphill Support 

The uphill support is designed to make you feel as though your ascent ise-priam stroller as easy as walking on flat ground. As you reach the bottom of an incline and apply a little extra pressure to the handlebars, the electric motor will kick in and provide gentle assistance until you reach the top. Don't worry about your e-Priam running away with you, as mentioned above the additional power is designed to feel natural, so there's no sudden lunging forward as it starts working, you'll simply feel as though your load is lighter and your climb is effortless.


DownHill Support

e-priam pramAll parents know the slight feeling of dread as they approach a steep, downwards slope while you're loaded up with a wriggling toddler and armfuls of nappies, toys and who knows what else. The descent can be a real struggle as you work against gravity to keep control of your stroller. As with the uphill support, the e-Priam will detect the extra pressure applied to the handlebar as you pull back against the slope and will slow your descent to a comfortable pace, allowing you to feel in complete control as you make your way downhill.


Uneven Surface Support

Hauling your pushchair across the beach along with all the other equipment for your family day out is enough to put any parent off the idea of a seaside getaway. Thankfully, the Cybex e-Priam's motor is well e-priam travel systemsequipped to handle sand, as the motor allows you to glide effortlessly along the shoreline. Not only that, the e-Priam can handle rough, off-road terrains and trails and even snow, should you ever find you need to venture out during a blizzard (although this is, of course, not advised). The extra help on tricky terrain makes for a smooth, comfortable ride for both you and your little one, and takes the hassle out of those big family adventures.


Cybex e-Priam FAQs:

Is the e-Priam heavier than the standard Priam?

  • Yes, the e-Priam is 2.4 kg heavier than the original.

Can I use the e-Priam without the electronic assistance?

  • Absolutely! The e-Priam can be used as a standard Priam by simply switching off the power button.

How do I charge my Cybex e-Priam?

  • You can charge your e-Priam in one of two ways: either attach your stroller directly to your power outlet using the cable provided, or remove the battery to charge separately.

How often do I need to charge my e-Priam?

There are a lot of variables that can affect how long the charge on your e-Priam will last:

  • With a load of 9-10 kg and fairly even surfaces with few hills the charge should last for approximately 45 km (think city streets etc.)
  • With a load of 15 kg and uneven terrain with few hills the charge should last for around 20 km
  • With a load of 25 kg, uneven surfaces and many hills the charge should last for around 8 km

Bear in mind this is with continuous use, and switching your battery off when it's not needed should help the charge last longer.

What is the maximum speed of the e-Priam?

  • The e-Priam has a max. speed of 6 km/h. If you pick up any more speed than this the motor will cut out for safety reasons.

Is the Cybex e-Priam approved for air travel?

  • The e-Priam has been designed to meet the requirements of the IATA (International Air Travel Association), making it suitable to be taken on board an aircraft either as carry-on or checked luggage, however regulations do vary from airline to airline so we recommend checking your individual flight restrictions before flying.

Is it possible to test drive the e-Priam?

  • Yes! Give us a call on 0117 986 8184, email us or pop in to see us and we'd love to show you how the Cybex e-Priam works.