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Combination Car Seats

Combination Car Seats

Combination car seats are designed to accommodate children of a wider age range, and can span two or more car seat groups by growing and adapting with your child over the years. Combination seats are popular with grandparents, child-minders and budget savvy parents as they don't need to be replaced for several years as long as they remain undamaged.


Combination seats tend to be highly adjustable and adaptable, with many able to grow with your child from 4 years right up to 12 years of age when they no longer need to use a seat or booster.


Benefits of Combination Car Seats:

  • Economical and budget friendly as only one seat is purchased instead of two
  • Provides your child with a sense of familiarity - for children that are uncomfortable with change, combination seats allow them to remain in the same car seat for longer
  • Combination seats often feature higher weight limits for both forward and rear-facing positions, meaning you can rear-face your child for longer in many cases
  • Their highly adjustable nature provides you with more options for a comfortable fit
  • As there is only one seat to dispose of instead of two, combination seats can be better for the environment


Things to Think About:

  • Make sure you are happy with how the car seat functions at every stage of its use
  • How the seat will fit in your car and if the seat is compatible with your vehicle
  • Premature or very small babies may be too little for combination seats that are designed for use from birth
  • Combination seats can't be used on strollers or pushchairs as part of a travel system, they are designed to remain in your vehicle


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