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Isofix Car Seats

Isofix Car Seats

ISOFIX car seats and bases are designed to provide a safer, more universal fit over a wider range of vehicles than those using a 3-point seat belt. This is due to the fact that seat belts and their anchorage points vary widely from vehicle to vehicle, making it tricky to ensure a snug fit in every car. Additionally, a shocking 8 out of 10 parents will incorrectly fit their child's car seat when using belted installation; reducing the level of protection the seat can provide your child should you find yourself involved in an accident.


How Does ISOFIX Work?

  • ISOFIX seats or bases are fitted with ISOFIX connectors, which are designed to lock into your vehicle's ISOFIX anchorage points.
  • ISOFIX seats and bases come with installation indicators or guides that show green when fitted correctly, ensuring your little one's seat is properly connected to your vehicle before travel.
  • Once locked in, most ISOFIX seats or bases are fitted with a support leg, which extends to reach the floor of your vehicle to stabilise the seat. If your car has a hollow storage compartment in the foot well it's important not to rest the support leg on the lid, as it could collapse under the weight of the seat in the event of a collision.
  • Some seats come with a top tether in place of a support leg. An ISOFIX top tether is an alternative but equally secure way of anchoring your child's seat to your car. As with the ISOFIX connectors and support leg, the top tether will feature installation guides and should show green when pulled tightly enough. The top tether typically runs from the back of the car seat to your vehicle's top tether point, which is generally located behind the rear seats either in the boot or on the roof. You can find the exact location of your top tether point in your vehicle's user manual.
  • Once locked into place using the ISOFIX connectors and support leg or top tether, there is no need to use your vehicle's 3-point seat belt.


Why Choose ISOFIX?

  • ISOFIX dramatically reduces the risk of user error when installing your base thanks to the installation indicators, ensuring your child's seat is always fitted correctly and safely.
  • ISOFIX makes it quick and easy to install your seat into your vehicle. ISOFIX infant carriers can be clicked on and off their base in a matter of seconds, while rotating car seats use the ISOFIX base to swivel, allowing you to twist the seat towards the door for easy loading and unloading. This also makes it easy to transition from rearward to forward facing when the time is right. See more on rotating car seats here, or check out our collection of swivel seats here.
  • ISOFIX seats have shown to provide unrivalled safety and protection during crash testing, as the car chassis is permanently connected to your child's seat which results in less force being exerted on your little one during impact and sudden sharp braking, while the support leg or top tether reduces rotation in the event of a collision.


ISOFIX has been included as standard in the majority of vehicles produced since 2006, however it is always worth checking with your manufacturer. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service staff who will be more than happy to advise you! Tel: 0117 986 8184 or email: