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Swivel And Rotating Car Seats

Swivel And Rotating Car Seats

From what was once a rather rare feature to something that is becoming a must have; the swivel or rotating car seat is now quite common. With most leading brands now making car seats that swivel including Recaro, Cybex, Britax, Nuna to name just a few.

In our retail store we find most customers are now asking to see just rotating car seats and ignoring either the rear facing only or modular car seats that forward and rear face. Usually parents have seen their friends swivel car seat and fallen in love with the idea.

So what are the benefits of car seats that spin?

  • The most obvious has to be the ease of harnessing your child in the seat, particularly if you have back issues. When your little one is small putting them into their car seat is easy, they are small and lightweight. But as they grow having to lift and twist can put a lot of strain on your lower back. When you spin the car seat to the door side of the vehicle you can lift your child squarely into the seat reducing the amount and lifting and twisting.
  • If access to the rear of the car is restricted. Sometimes we have customer's with car doors that don't seem to open very wide, this can make fitting your child into their seat a problem. The swivel function makes this so much easier.
  • Due to these seats being quite new most comply with the new R129 (i-Size) regulations, meaning they have better side impact protection than some older child car seats.

But there are some disadvantages as well.

  • Can't rear face for as long as some belted extended rear facing car seats like the Axkid Minikid.
  • Heavy. These seats come complete with an integral base so the weight is 15kgs. If you are having to move the child car seat often between cars then maybe a modular car seat (seat & base) would be more suitable.
  • Cost. Some of the latest i-Size car seats that swivel are pricey. With rrp's ranging between £300 - £550.

Our advice would be to visit us in store and try some of these rotating car seats in your car to see which is the best option for you. You can reach us on Facebook, or by e-mail or by phone on 01179868184