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Twin Prams & Double Pushchairs

Twin Prams & Double Pushchairs

Transporting two young children can feel like quite the task, and ensuring both parties are happy with the set-up is the key to peaceful journeys. Whether you're expanding your family or are getting ready for the arrival of twins, the right double or tandem stroller can make all the difference when parenting two little tots.

These days parents have a couple of options when it comes to picking a double pushchair or pram; either a side-by-side double, or a tandem stroller. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks, so it's a case of finding out what works best for your family. We have a great range of both doubles and tandems from reputable manufacturers for you to browse at your leisure, so let's go over the basics before you get started.

Double Pushchairs

  • Usually feature side-by-side seating
  • Under-seat storage is often very generous
  • Seat units are generally spacious with plenty of leg room for older children
  • Both seats are the same, meaning nobody feels short-changed
  • Most twin jogging pushchairs are side-by-side doubles due to sturdier chassis and better suspension
  • Double pushchairs tend to be easy to collapse, however tend not to be compact

Tandem Pushchairs

  • Usually only the width of a single pushchair
  • Can often transition from single to double and back again
  • Multiple configuration options in both single and double modes
  • Separates bickering siblings
  • Best for use with two car seats
  • Glider board can often be added for additional siblings

What to Keep in Mind

Although most double pushchairs are narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, they can be difficult to manoeuvre around busy cities or through particularly old buildings and side-streets. They're also better suited to parents who will be out with two children most of the time, as they are overkill when travelling with just one child (although some can fit an additional shopping basket in the spare seat). They can also be heavier and less compact when folded, so it all depends on where you plan on going with/how you plan to store your double pushchair.

Some (but not all) tandem pushchairs come with seat units that have different weight limits, which may mean they're not suited for twins. Similarly, the additional tandem seats may not be able to recline as much as the original, or may sit low down obscuring the basket. Due to being a little longer, tandem pushchairs are best suited for city life and are happiest when on paths and pavements as opposed to off-road. Depending on the model you may have to remove the 2nd seat unit before folding.

To read more about twin pushchairs check out our guide here

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