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How to Choose the Right Pushchair for Your Baby

How to Choose the Right Pushchair for Your Baby

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on April 1st 2019 10:52 AM

New parents spend more than £2,500 on the first infant and a large portion of that goes toward the pram. Some spend as much as £1,800 on their dream pram alone!

So, it's a little daunting when your baby outgrows their pram after a few months and you need to find a pushchair. There are many styles, colours, and brands to choose from - so how do you select the right one?

In this guide, we'll go over everything you to need to consider when purchasing a pushchair for your infant or toddler.

The Difference Between a Pushchair, Buggy, Stroller, and Pram

When you're becoming a new mum or dad, there are a lot of different terms for baby essentials that retailers use interchangeably. The use of transport terms like pram to cover all baby carriages is an example.

This quick tutorial will break down the difference between all the terms used for baby carriages, from birth to toddler:

  • Pram - Designed to carry newborns and young babies. The baby lies flat and, in general, a pram doesn't fold.
  • Stroller - Collapsible and lightweight, used for older babies and toddlers.
  • Pushchairs - Sturdy in comparison to a stroller. The seat reclines and can face you or forward. Some parents prefer these to a pram and it works for newborns up to toddler age.
  • Buggy - Can be a stroller or a pushchair, it's whichever one you fancy.

It's all semantics, really. The important part is regardless of the word you prefer to use, that the carriage is safe and suits your needs.

There are other things for your consideration as well. Here are the top 10 things to look for when buying pushchairs.


When you're searching for the perfect buggy, you'll get drawn to a lot of the bells and whistles, but how pushchairs manoeuvre is a big part of your experience. While at the shop, ask the shopworker if you can borrow something with weight to put in the buggy. Try pushing the buggy around with one hand and see how it turns.

Does it move well through narrow aisles? Is it easy to control with one hand?

Also, some pushchairs have better kerb pop than others. This means it gets over a kerb without putting too much pressure on the handle to tilt it back.


If you're expecting your first child and plan on having more, think about how long pushchairs should last. If you want to use it down the line for more babies, longevity will be important.

Inline buggies are great because one child can use it, then as another comes along, a second seat can be added. The children sit in front or behind each other, not side by side.

Others have removable seats so you can turn your child toward you or straight ahead. There are a few double buggies where a seat can be replaced by a carry bag for singular child use plus storage.


Your baby will grow and your needs will change and that means so will the baby gear. Travel systems are great for adaptability because they come with several options.

Think about if you want a car seat capsule or carrycot with your buggy. If you'd like more than just a pushchair, travel systems are suitable for attachments like scooter boards and removable seats.


If you're going to be pushing your tot while on a jog, which burns calories by an extra five to eight percent, a jogger is a must.

If you're not keen on running and you enjoy hikes, look for pushchairs that are multi-terrain. If you use public transport, a foldable stroller is more suitable for you. Some brands offer more than one purpose, like a Bugaboo stroller, so look into all your options.


Pushchairs come in different weights depending on their use. A buggy built for all-terrain travelling that is fit for two children can weigh 13 Kgs. A travel buggy weighs around 8 Kg.

In short, the more uses for the buggy, the heavier it will be. Keep this in mind if you use public transport or need to take the pushchair in and out of your boot often.


Like weight specifications, the more your buggy's designed to do, the bigger it will be. If you have twins or two babies, a side-by-side is rather cumbersome because of the width.

It's not easy to get a side-by-side to fit through small spaces, so an inline buggy may suit your lifestyle better. If your family travels a great deal, you'll want a compact pushchair that is foldable and doesn't take up too much space in your boot.


A few years back, you may have had a laugh at your girlfriend who was so tickled that her new buggy had a cup holder. But once you're a parent, you'll be keen on these simple accessories too!

The good news is many pushchairs come with decent-sized parcel trays and undercarriage baskets for storage. These extras make all the difference when travelling, on holiday, or just walking about.

Maintenance and Care

Babies and toddlers are messy so look for removable parts that are easy to wash, including the fabrics. Some buggies have solid tyres, but if you're looking to buy one that doesn't have plastic or foam filled wheels, how often do the tyres need inflating?

You'll also need to lubricate the brakes and folding mechanisms every so often; read the manual to find out how to keep your buggy in good working order.

Folding / Storage

If you choose to buy online, at least visit a shop to try a few out. Practice folding the buggy so you know how easy it will be for storing and removing it from your boot. When it's folded, carry it about the shop and see how heavy it is and if it's awkward to handle.


New parents rush to find the best-looking buggy on the market, but looks aren't everything when it comes to pushchairs. Matching your buggy to your nursery is only for your benefit since strangers won't know what your flat colours are.

It's good to stick to your own tastes, but keep in mind pushchairs serve a purpose and that should be your top priority. If you find one that functions well and is pleasing to look at, then you've got yourself a bonus!

Adorable and Affordable

Choosing a pushchair is a daunting task but we hope we've made the process easier with this guide. We know that staying within your budget is also important.

At Baby & Co, we've specialised in pushchairs, prams, and other baby equipment for more than three decades. We offer a wide variety of the best brands at the best prices.

We're based in Keynsham, Bristol so you can shop online and collect in our store. If you're further out, we have same day dispatch on orders placed before noon.

Learn about our Price Match Policy or visit our FAQ page.


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