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Make Life Easier with This Newborn Baby Checklist

posted in Nursery Shopping Guides by Baby & Co on November 28th 2018 2:07 PM

The big day has come and a star is born. Adding a baby to the family means a hectic time ahead.

Being prepared will definitely make your life easier. It will also give you more time to bond with your baby at such an important moment.

When your baby arrives you need to be ahead of the game.

Our newborn baby checklist is going to help you get ready for a happy future with your little one.

Clothes for Your New Arrival

Your baby's going to grow out of their clothes very quickly so concentrate initially on making sure they are warm and clean for the first few weeks.

Here are some essentials

  • Six to eight all-in-one stretch suits. You may prefer to use nighties sometimes but be sure to put socks or bootees on your baby with these if it's cold.
  • Two or three woollen or cotton cardigans. These should be light. A few loose layers of clothing are the best way to keep your baby comfortable.
  • Four or five vests.
  • A shawl or a blanket to cover your baby.
  • A wool or a cotton hat, mittens, socks or bootees for going out when the weather's cold.
  • A sun hat for shade when it's hot or the sun's bright.

Feeding Essentials

Soft muslin squares are great for just about everything, including burping and mopping any milk your baby brings up.

If you're breastfeeding, nursing bras and breast pads will be must-haves.

You'll also need bottles for expressed milk and a steriliser for making sure everything's kept hygienic.


You're going to be changing your baby's nappy up to around a dozen times a day.

It's really important that you choose the right brand of nappy that's going to suit you. Make sure the first nappies you buy are specially made for the delicate skin of a baby. Some also have colour indicators so that you know when your baby's nappy needs changing.

You will also need wet wipes or cotton wool and nappy sacks.

If you're planning to go for reusable nappies then you'll need a stock of around 15 nappies along with a bucket, nappy liners, and some nappy steriliser.

It's usually a good idea to have a pack of disposable nappies just in case you get behind with the washing, especially in the early weeks.

You'll also need to keep plenty of nappy cream to prevent and treat sore bottoms.


This is a fun time when you'll be able to bond with your baby. Safety though is paramount.

Babies love to wriggle and splash so you may want to think of using a baby bath. These can be bulky to store so if you're going to use your normal bath make sure you use a special bath support.

Investing in a thermometer will mean the water will always be at the perfect temperature.

Buy a mild baby shampoo to protect your baby's delicate skin, and use cotton flannels or cotton wool.

Rock-a-bye Baby

Your baby is going to spend many hours in their cot. You need to be sure that your baby is comfortable and that their cot meets current safety standards.

For example, the bars in the frame need to be secure and spaced correctly so that your baby's head can't get trapped.

Any moving parts need to operate smoothly and not lead to fingers or clothing getting caught in them.

It's essential to have a firm mattress that fits the cot snugly without leaving spaces around the edges.

You'll need light blankets and sheets to cover the mattress and at least for of these as they'll need to be changed regularly. Fitted sheets will make life easier.

Never use pillows and duvets as they're not safe for babies under a year old.

A crib, carrycot or Moses basket are all suitable alternative.

Going out with Your Baby

It's a good idea to do a bit of research into prams and pushchairs before deciding what's best for you and your budget. This is a great opportunity to chat to other parents and compare notes.

Pushchairs must have fully reclining seats so that your baby can lie flat.

Prams will give your baby a lot of space but they're bulky to store and can be difficult to manoeuvre on public transport.

A carrycot is well worth considering. They're light, portable and some can be attached to a frame with wheels for when you go out.

There are models which can be converted into a pushchair for when your baby grows up a bit. Some even have useful shopping trays which fit underneath.

If you're travelling by car, you must have a baby car seat. It's illegal and also very risky to hold your baby in a moving vehicle.

You'll need a rear-facing infant car seat on the back seat, or the front passenger seat as long as it's not fitted with an airbag.

If possible, buy a new car seat. Secondhand ones may have been damaged in an accident rendering them unsafe.

A Few Useful Extras

You'll need a changing bag to carry around all the bits and pieces you'll have to take with you whenever you leave home

The bag will need enough room to fit in all the essentials like a changing mat, wet wipes, nappies, and your baby's bottle. Some antibacterial hand gel is also really useful for any unexpected nappy changes.

The advice is that your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first six months. However, you may want to consider having a baby monitor so that you to move around the house while your baby is asleep.

A thermometer will make sure your home is just the right temperature. This is ideally between sixteen and twenty degrees centigrade.

And finally, don't forget some toys and baby books!

Life's Easier with Our Newborn Baby Checklist

Welcoming your baby into the world is a joyful but challenging time.

Our newborn baby checklist is specially designed to help you get the most from the experience.

We're there to support you. Come and take a look at the comprehensive range of essentials we have available for those early days.



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