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Cybex Lemo High Chair Review

Cybex Lemo High Chair Review

posted in Product Reviews by Baby & Co on May 2nd 2019 11:53 AM

cybex lemo red dot award

One of the biggest costs of living when raising a child is the constant need to replace practically everything within a few months after your little one has grown out of it. Clothes, toys, shoes, beds; they cost an arm and a leg and then you're left desperately trying to flog everything online for half of what you paid for it! There's no getting around it, having kids can be expensive. It's something you knew going into it and you've come to accept it, albeit begrudgingly. Still, being prepared to spend all that cash doesn't mean you won't be smart about it. Whose parents didn't send them to school in a jumper that came down to their knees at the beginning of each year? “Growing into it” has always been a failsafe when it comes to saving money whilst raising kids. And now, Cybex have taken that theory and applied it to the latest addition to their home collection - the 4-in-1 Lemo High Chair.

The new Lemo Chair (‘Lemo' meaning ‘Less is More') is an amazingly simple design that does so much more than meets the eye. At first glance, the highchair doesn't actually look like a highchair at all, but rather a sleek, minimalistic dining chair that wouldn't look out of place in a modern city apartment. Available in six different colours, you would be forgiven for overlooking this baby equipment as a chair for adults, and technically you wouldn't be wrong. The Cybex Lemo High Chair is designed to be suitable from birth and to grow as your child grows. However, the chair doesn't become redundant after the age of three or four, as it can continue to adapt right into adulthood, with Cybex claiming it can be used from birth up to approximately ninety-nine years of age! (Or 95kg, whichever you reach first).


The Lemo High Chair


cybex high chair wooden seatcybex lemo high chair woodcybex lemo highchair wood detail


The design of the Lemo Chair itself is nothing short of genius. A product this smart and simplistic doesn't just happen, Cybex have put in some serious work at the development stages to ensure the final result is faultless. Everything on the Lemo High Chair can be adjusted using just one hand, including footrest height and the height and depth of the seat. What's more, the entire highchair can be put together in under 3 minutes using just 4 screws and no tools, so while it may look similar to a Swedish flat-pack, it comes without the nervous breakdowns and marriage-ruining tantrums.

Worried about your highchair taking up too much space? The Cybex Lemo High Chair blends seamlessly into any home without dominating the room. This is because Cybex took inspiration from iconic American designers Ray and Charles Eames (designers of the infamous Eames Lounge Chairs). Unlike many existing highchairs that are clunky and rigid, the Lemo Chair is elegant and petite. Though it doesn't fold away, its ability to transform into an ordinary chair means you don't have to worry about storage, simply remove the Baby Set, pull it up to the table and your highchair is now a dining chair. The Baby Set is so small it can be stored almost anywhere, so if you're short on space, (and let's face it, what parent isn't?) Cybex have got you covered.


cybex lemo baby set lemo high chaircybex lemo chaircybex lemo


Given all that the Lemo Chair has to offer, you might assume that perhaps they spent more time worrying about the appearance and versatility of the product at the expense of comfort. Actually, one of the biggest features of the Lemo Chair is its ergonomic seating, providing well-thought-out support to each user regardless of age or size. From six months, the Lemo High Chair with Baby Set attachment encourages active sitting which adapts and grows with your child and encourages healthy physical development, which is so important in the early stages.

Another thing that a lot of parents wonder is, “are high chairs safe?” and realistically the answer is yes, as long as they're well designed, have the necessary equipment, such as a harness, and are used properly. The Lemo High Chair, when fitted with the Baby Set, has an adjustable harness that's easy to use, raised edges to stop your little Houdini from slipping out of the sides, and the chair itself features silicone foot caps on the front legs and castors on the back, so tipping over is practically impossible. The Lemo Chair is also fitted with wheels on the back legs, which means you can take your baby with you from room to room instead of leaving them unattended, which, unsurprisingly, is the leading cause of accidents in highchairs.


Lemo High Chair Accessories


The Lemo Bouncer

Right off the bat, Cybex hit the ground running with this product by designing the Lemo Chair to not only switch effortlessly between a highchair and dining chair, but a baby bouncer as well. Granted, the Lemo Bouncer is an additional purchase, however it is a really handy product to have in those early days. A bouncer is the perfect place to allow your baby to play and sleep, and can provide you with those precious few moments to yourself to eat or, dare I say it, even sit down (given that the two are no longer mutually exclusive).


cybex lemo bouncerCybex Lemo Chair Bouncer


The Lemo Bouncer can either be used as a standalone bouncer, or you can attach it to the base of the Lemo Chair to raise your baby up to eye level and bring them to the table. It has a 5-point harness for younger babies which you can then use at your discretion from 6 months onwards. It's naturally self-bouncing for soothing and play-time, and on hotter days the cover can be removed to reveal a breathable mesh-like under-layer which keeps baby cool. (Max weight for the bouncer is roughly 15kg).


Lemo Baby Set and Tray

The Lemo Baby Set also attaches to the Lemo High Chair and, like the bouncer, it too has a 5-point harness for safety, as well as raised edges to keep hold of even the wriggliest kids. The Lemo Baby Set is super easy to clip on and off the Lemo Chair. It doesn't require any screws or, frankly, even any skill so you can pop it off if you need an extra chair around the table without the fear that you'll never get it back together. You can also purchase the Lemo Tray which literally slips onto the front of the baby set, again, without the need for any kind of tool. The best thing about the tray is it's dishwasher friendly, making the Lemo High Chair incredibly easy to clean which is a godsend after a messy meal.

 cybex lemo baby setcybex lemo tray



If you're not convinced that the Lemo Chair could possibly be everything it claims to be then take a look at this year's Red Dot Awards. The Cybex Lemo High Chair has been awarded the highest possible rating of “Best of the Best” in the product design category for 2018. Speaking about their decision, the Red Dot jurors said: “The design of the LEMO Chair manages to achieve a perfect reduction to essential elements. Its purist simplicity and sophisticated functionality are captivating... With its balanced design language and materiality, it projects an inviting atmosphere and is very safe in every situation. It simply grows with the child… It saves space and fits seamlessly into domestic interiors”. So, there you have it!


The Verdict


As an overall product, the Lemo High Chair is difficult to fault. Worried that a highchair is going to take up too much space? Buy one that doubles as a dining chair! Looking for one that's easy to clean? The Lemo tray clicks right off and goes in the dishwasher. Unsure about which highchair is right for your child? The Lemo Chair can accommodate every baby. Not only that, using a Lemo High Chair means less plastic waste due to its adaptable nature and longevity. Whatever your needs, whatever your concerns, the Cybex Lemo Chair can handle it.


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